It’s the…Brazilians!!

The irony is that although these folks are from the same nation—often times the same county even the same city—there still exists that individuality that stipulates I am who I am…’  Meaning of course that these bronze bombshells do NOT feel any different from the next person sitting there.

Brazilians are proud people and unique. And they have every right under the sun to be that way. However, I doubt from Alessandria Ambrosio, one the most recognizable faces behind Victoria’s Secret that one will ever hear a true blue (or bronze in this case) Brazilian ever brag or boast about their looks.

As from my experience even Gisele Bundchen thinks and feels that she’s an ‘ordinary’ looking girl! Got to admit though, it is an amazing attribute to have—the humbleness and humility to believe you’re ‘just the same as the other girls.’

Often times I hear that New York City is the most ethnically diverse city in the world, and it probably is for that matter. Whilst living in Australia, most Aussie’s boasted that Melbourne in Victoria Australia captured the title as of the 1990’s. Maybe so, I still need to check. However, I think as far as nation settlement is concerned none, including the United States, could ever boast about the different ethnicities that live in Brazil.

I could go through an entire expose in history laying out who, what, when, and where most folks who inhabit Brazil came from and when they did; however, that’s not my intention here or anywhere for that matter. I think we can sum it up in a word…Rio de Janerio, or maybe Ipanema?  B-R-A-S-I-L !!

This should be a different section altogether, and maybe next week it will…but…just a few things to share with you folks-especially all my mates at Chess.comwho during breaks between moves actually come over to have a look!

Just trying to select 4 to 6 Brazilian models to feature per week–realistically–will run into next summer 2009! So…I’ll do my best trying to feature as many shots as possible from the biggest real Supermodel to glamour models to beauty models to fit models.

Most folks who frequent Simpleminds know that I pay honor and tribute to those fashionista’s that have come before me, during me, and some even afterward, and those still to come; my analogy is the more the better! Yet I’ve been asked this question a lot and I ask it a lot: “Can a student ever be as smart as their teacher? Or “…will the slave ever know as much as his master?” I’m just getting ready for a hat-tip folks!

I say “No.” It’s philosophical and it’s Biblical and a question for the ages: however, this student will always pay Divine Providence to the friends and folks at the Fashion Model Directory, the largest single model database in the world; also, I need to mention Bellazon , dot org; those folks are incredible! I remember when they started up and have literally watched them grow. If one needs knowledge about a model and perhaps the most up-to-date photographs anywhere, Bellazon is your place.
Just one last issue for today…I think I just received one of my biggest compliments ever since starting Simpleminds: Well this past week I got some visits and some visitors from the most exquisite fashion website in the Internet; their name is The Fashion Spot and outside of those folks, I’m not sure one could be paid a higher compliment.

Now, the stars of this show: Clockwise from L-top: Fernanda Motta, Racia Oliveria, Gianne Albertoni, Fabiana Semprebom, and Caroline Trentini.

One response to “It’s the…Brazilians!!

  1. I spent a week at the beach last year in Balearnio Camboriu, in Santa Catarina near Florianopolis, and no doubt the Brasilian boys and girls were the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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