Oh! Those Brazilians!!

There is just something about traveling and living in other countries. As for me, I really must admit that the greatest growth and maturing has come from my living amongst different cultures. This is certainly not to say that a person’s life is not enriched by any travel-because I believe that it is. Growing up I remember every single one of my friends going abroad, somewhere.

And every single time they came back they seemed changed…somehow different. I mean they even looked different! There were far more smiles on faces and a certain willingness to participate more in everything we did. People ate differently as well as seemed braver and “more worldly.” After years of seeing this I came to the conclusion that they just didn’t appear different…they were different.

After starting my year ending series featuring those ‘Brazilian Babes’ or far more eloquently, “Babes Gorgeous de Brasil” I got to chatting with another person who maintains a blog here at WordPress and a frequent chess opponent who does his bit heck, all of our bits, of traveling. So he wrote this comment:

“I spent a week at the beach last year in Balearnio Camboriu, in Santa Catarina near Florianopolis, and no doubt the Brasilian boys and girls were the most beautiful I have ever seen.”

Okay then…on to what I should be writing about. The gorgeous model in the upper right is Camila Alves who as we all know has received so much attention in the USA lately because of the birth of her brand new baby-Congratulations Camilia! She’s been with a talented young man who goes by the name of Matthew McConaughey.

The magnificence of the Brazilian women is that no matter what they are wearing it seems like it was made just for them; moreover, they look so comfortable in whatever their wearing. Take for example the swimwear; although, just a couple pieces of cloth and WOW! It’s like these models and all Brazilian ladies can take a Tee-shirt and cut the sleeves, or the collar, or even splatter paint and make it look glamorous.

That little ‘charmer’ on the right, relaxing on the beach is Liliane. She holds many titles like: ‘Ford Model of the Year’ or Miss Universe, or for Liliana, it is probably ‘Mrs’ insofar as she recently got married. Congratulations Liliane and your new husband!

The brilliant brunette in the upper right is none other than Jeisa Chiminazzo, who as most know has been featured on this site many times. I hasten to add that she is one of my personal favorites and I can easily remember the day of her “coming out”.

Although there has been much ado about a person who models and enjoys success; and then those who model and achieves copious amounts of money and fame type models; as one knows, when it comes to me a ‘Supermodel’ is never a title to be thrown around to anyone, male or female, who is recognizable or has some big bucks!

Yet in an era where ‘everyone’s a supermodel’ I say sheeeeeeit! No Way! Most of the great, great supermodels are either retired or have moved their careers forward into acting, designing, working with younger talent, owning their own agencies, or coming back into the business where they belong.

However and I will stand by this claim until I die: I believe that Gisele Bundchen is the last of the truly great ‘Supermodels’ of the era. Two very quick observances about Ms. Bundchen: She always looks good no matter what–rain storm, hurricane, traveling, or just waking up; and the second is the last article I read in a reputable periodical and quoting: “Oh yes! Gisele constantly sends money to her family several times a year…nothing is closer to her than her family.” 


And yet of course the stars of this week’s The Brazilians brought to you by Simpleminds are of course: The Models: Clockwise from top left: Camila Alves, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Liliane, the immaculate and always delightful, Gisele Bundchen, and of course, Cinthia Moura.

2 responses to “Oh! Those Brazilians!!

  1. Nino,

    If you look around this site, there is a feature on “Models from Isreal.” However, I believe it is actually in “Where did they All Come From?” Anyway, there is a tribute–just about the entire post–to Bar there.

    Thanks for picking up on my miscue, albeit, I am grateful but remember, “You catch more flies with Honey than you do with vinegar.”


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