Here’s looking at ya’

melanie-nunes-fronckowiak-saiba-bomVery recently in just about every country I can think of we all are asked to celebrate in and with The World’s Lovliest Behinds, or the now famous The World’s Best Butt/Buttocks Award sponsored by Sloggi, a division of the lingerie giant, Triumph International.

Well it seems as though there are several ‘World’s Greatest’ bums out there, basically almost by country. Nonetheless, we’re going to give our level best effort to show some of the winners–hey, we’re even thinking about featuring a male!

So from Paris, to Munich, to Rominia, and even a few from here in the good old U.S.A., if you like the human form especially female derrieres…we hope you’ll enjoy this presentation.munich-kristina

You know…for the longest time–I think since birth or somewhere close to it–I have been enamored with the female buttocks. Don’t ask me why because I simply don’t know why. And I might add that most of my girlfriends are the same way…meaning, that they also enjoy the female derrière as well.

It’s not like all of us don’t like men’s behinds, because we do! It’s just a matter of variety, texture, shape I believe that makes women’s butts more enamouring than males’ butts. I don’t mean to be rude or otherwise, but you just don’t get that sense that there is a great deal of variety in men’s assess; do you?

perfect-buttRecently in conversations with some lady friends it was disclosed ad infinitum, that one could tell more about a female person–personally, physically, emotionally,  just about every personality characteristic by just checking out the constructs of her butt.

So what do you folks think? I’m setting up a poll and it would be very cool if you could share on it. By the way, I’ve been meaning to give some “shout outs” to some folks who’ve been writing comments and participating in this venture. Without further ado. . .

THANK YOU Bill a.k.a. pulsar our latest poster; THANK YOU Ray a.k.a. jungleroy, of course a big Shout Out and THANK YOU to  John a.k.a. 1Madman and again to Sophia for being so lovely, all the time, I swear the girl does not know how to be in a bad mood.

THANK YOU AND HELLO to my friends and colleagues at The Fashion Model Directory, as well22-jyoyy3-thumb-360-0-192 as, “Hey B.W., are you ever going to add me to your blogroll? And of course why even mention anyone if one couldn’t SHOUT OUT! and say Hello to my friends at, and lest we ever forget the one, the true “As Never Seen on T.V., the Model’s blog; And then BIG KISSES AND HUGS to: Zyana, Jules, Callie, Tarden, Stuart, BW, Carsden, the great folks at, and Cendres, Paulo, Gary, and Amy, Kim, Zoe, and the other Zoe D., and of course, you know who you are. . . Heather, Rachel, Darla, and my bud…Elisha.

As for The One’s to Watch in ol’ ‘down-under’ Oz, I still don’t think it’s appropriate to charge ME a membership fee, but I just love what you folks are doing…just remember I was with you when…when you dreamt HUGE, got set-up and hopefully inspired you to go after your dreams, a big CONGRATS!


All of the gorgeous ‘heart-shaped’, firm, well-managed, purrfffeeecccttttt bums above were also contestants in the pageantry albeit shot from backstage or preliminary rounds. How many are male, female, or ‘it.’

With a drumroll please……Winners are in the upper left: Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak (Brazil) and Saiba (France); Munich winner Kristina Dimitriova, a friend in pink, and to the right is the All Time Winner for Romania…”Perfect Butt.” Thanks to Sloggi and Triumph for having this contest!

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