How do you like this..?

Okay ladies and gents, we’re now into the year 2009 and I really must apologize for my not posting nearly enough this month. Ah! Heck with it already; this site is supposed to be as the name and by-line suggest: Simpleminds: Kickin’ it, Mind dump, Relax, Chill, and Enjoy the Site is what this site is about.

However and I must admit that 2009 has thus far been far busier than I anticipated. Mind you, there are enough female and male profiles on this site to keep a person busy for months!

First we were able to end the year 2008 with a massive display of bronze bombshells and others from   Brazil. Actually we ran nothing but Brazil in the last 6 to 9 postings. I thoroughly enjoyed the endeavor and we only just barely scratched the surface of those ‘Ladies from Brazil.’


Mss. Stewart

It is alleged (we hold no position whatsoever) that the pictured actress (Kris Stewart) made fashion headlines, albeit, good or bad by wearing this dress to one of the many openings of the film “Twilight.”

We ask for you opinion in the following ways:

1) Is there anything wrong with the selection?

2) How is the cut and ‘flow’ on Ms. Stewart?

3) If anything, do you feel that there is anything wrong with her dress?

4) All things being equal, again this was worn to a movie premier where most attend in jeans.

Fashion Experts…please weigh-in on this short topic for us….we are quite confused.huge-kris3

Just some background, Kristen Stewart, (Panic Room, Land of Women, Messangers, Twilight) is wearing a short, one-shouldered Balenciaga dress in red, white, and grey with a small sash almost of burgundy.

In Los Angeles, California, better yet, Hollweird, where “fashion” falls second to hair, make-up, and other unmentionables ad nauseum we certainly wouldn’t take their words for anything to save our own lives.

In fact, several online tabloids crucified Kris Stewart with having bad fashion taste. What makes this interesting in in the notion of the reader’s who wrote comments; and, as at the time of this writing the score stood at 99% great, awesome to 1% negative. Again, please share with us, how you feel. Thank you.

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