A Quick B&W Thing

jesscoleman6Oh what the hell! I feel really down insofar as it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here; although I realize not all is lost cuz I do this soley for fun, keep a hand on the industry, and usually have an awesome time putting it together.

I thought a good warm up for today would be an artsy sort of black and white number; and I finally figured out why I like doing b&w…; for me there is a certain mystique when a gorgeous lady or man is highlighted in black and white.

In most instances the use of lighting is critical; especially when oliva-raccenting one’s physique or delectable curves and mounds. Not to be misunderstood here but I also believe that there are some ‘limits’ with b&w that can only be captured by color.

Any way and in no particular order let’s have a look at some recent b&w collections, shall we?

Straight away with Jessica up top to the left; I love the lace and how she is wearing her top. Seriously, she could throw on some nice, tight jeans and be ready to go.

Have you ever thought of how a lady gets all dolled-up and dressed? It’s a production for some. But it’s also primping time for others. I mean ladies love to take their time picking out what to wear and on and on and on it goes…but there is nothing like the feeling like Jessica up top: meaning of course she’s the only one who knows she’s wearing those lacy sheer knickers.

Don’t you just love the new lingerie trends? Some of the new stuff reminds me of my Mum; if there was ever a lady who was into what she wore, it’s my Mum.

Here’s one little tid-bit story I love sharing with friends:

I have a couple of girlfriends who, given the circumstances and of course the guy, actually go out lingerie shopping for that particular occassion! I really hadn’t given it that much thought, mind you, we all have our own practices. As for me I’m a lingerie-aholic.  lisalla

But they come to me exclaiming, “Have you ever seen the look on a man’s face when you tell him that you’ve purchase what you’re wearing just for him?” Needless to say they all maintain that if you want the ride of a lifetime, “try it out!”

Yet these friends of mine use them like keepsakes or something near that level. I ask them, “Do you wash the lingerie after the date?” I swear I have one girlfriend that stays ‘lucky’ in her lucky lingerie. Superstitious or what?!?

amber-amBefore I go too far I’d better give credit where credit is due: Up and on the right is Olivia…a stunner. Just to the right here is Lisalla and just taking the industry by storm. She’s Brazilian and taking Europe one country at a time.

Continuing clockwise just to the left is Amber who is really a free spirited, fun loving fave of mine; and up on the left is Keirsten doing a campaign deluxe with long velvet gloves.




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