Czech your eyes again..twice!

22_kristina_jarosovaEach week that our collective minds put together a scheme of arrangement or in the art world let’s say, a theme as supported by our design, layout, and onward to publication.

And every week we always end up with more than what we started with. It goes something like this: We would like to feature five to eight ladies on this site per publication. So in preparation we begin by going to various agencies, magazines, and of course our favorite sites in05_kristina_jarosova the fashion business.

All would be for not if it wasn’t for sites like The Fashion Model Directory; modelsblog, As Never Seen on TV; the fashion spot; bwgreyscale, and then the corporate giants such as and any one of the supporting sites whose product we may be featuring or the particular agency we are working with to get the latest in model activity.

So when we start it’s like let’s do this country___________, and let’s feature 5 to 8 models from the country and at times we may want to show Fall and Winter fashions, then follow that with Spring and Summer designs with an attempt to keep up with fashion.

One issue everyone should know about by now is that fashion works at hyper-speed, meaning the shows that are being presented now during “Fashion Week” the world over are those that will become available next Autumn and Winter!

010_helena_hudova_bookSo if you can imagine it being Spring to Summer these models are actually working in the Summer but wearing winter clothing. Same goes the opposite way…you really must know that when the models are doing fabulous beach shots it’s not unlikely that what you’re seeing is done in a closed studio and it may be snowing outside!

Then again there are those times when everything is current; so when we see these magnificent 015_helena_hudova_bookladies all tanned, buffed, with hardly anything on coupled with the exotic location that really is happening as well. Those are the models’ dreams if one can tolerate sand fleas, other airborne beasts given to jungle flight and this is out of the water!

Helena, (blond up left, and lacy chiffon right) is a classic example of this. She has been in the upper 25 Top Models for at least 10 years, yet nothing has ever stopped her from doing everything she enjoys in life–like having children!

There is another evaluation that needs to made about Czechoslovakian models. I don’t know if it’s genetic, something in the water, or just good ol’ country living for most. Like I said, I don’t know what it is…

eva_herzigova1Czech models seem to have a staying power that is just about unequaled in fashion and the modeling business. Even after they’ve had their ‘little one’s’ (children) these women come back in record time normally doing a few photo shoots with their new children as “super-baby models.”

Another Czech who is in the Top 10 international models, is Eva H., who started young, got major prominence very early (15-16 yrs old) shot to the top (18-20 yrs old) and has managed a full-time career two children and hubby! Furthermore Eva was one of the original Guess? models.


Okay then we’ve decided to feature some other awesome Czech models who have made their individual marks on all of us here, and especially me, your host, paula castle. Here goes….

125734tfs  90_olga_serova_book000000041022-eva_herzigova-fullsize9-daniela_pestova21veronica-varekovajana-knauerovamartinasukupova20


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