What’s that in your eye…

petraAh yes and the Czech’s continue for this week. From then on we’ll make the decision albeit we are featuring models from a specific country or if there is another theme, or, if we decide to make a mixture which always seems to word out one way or another!

Most importantly, there are far too many stunningly gorgeous models from Czechoslovakia to just up and quit. Therefore, we’ll feature some of the models that are HUGE in this industry and then we’ll start the other program jana_knauerovamentioned above in a jiff!

Now then is there a bigger and more recognized name in modeling than that of Petra Nemcova? Didn’t you just gain an entirely new perspective on women from Ms. Nemcova’s harrowing experience?

Think of the force of water pinning you to a tree for more than 8 hours! Did I mention that on your way to getting to that tree you managed to crush your back in different places whilst at the same rotatetime mangle your pelvis on the way to clutching to a palm tree? 

Just so long as I would need to write I want to make sure that I have a place to write. therefore, I think we should see just how far this column go90_olga_serova_book1es down the page.

I really need to get this last single Czechoslovikian post out.

 It’s simply amazing how many ladies we’ve been able to share with you. Just over to the right is Olga Serova an already entrenched model that’s shaking up the world.

And there are so many more…if we were to run Czech models in the same fashion as we did the Brazilians I fear we’d be here for months to come.

Therefore, we will try for the next several weeks to include a Czech featured model with each other theme or what we have going on. Promise.95_olga_serova_book1



One response to “What’s that in your eye…

  1. So love that first photo of Petra. Gorgeous with a wholesome healthy countrytype look and very very sexy all at the same time.

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