Relax and enjoy…

eugeniaThis is one of those times where we’re dropping anything remotely thematic.

Please don’t get me wrong here…most of the time working within the parameters of a theme albeit, nations or designers, or models and sensuality is really much easier because of those very guidelines.

However just as variety is indeed the spice of life, so is featuring a plethora of God’s creation and with it…some  attitude!

So please slide onto a chair, curl-up, or just kick back and enjoy his loving handiwork. One of the _croppedreasons we’ve decided to go without a theme this week is that we’ve collected more succulent and salious photography than we would ever be able to handle otherwise.

Not to be misunderstood, every shot we use here at Simpleminds comes from either the models own portfolio, or from a representative who is the title holder of the photograph. This example would be very characteristic of an advertising firm or manufacturer’s of the actual textiles used in the ad.

Of course it’s time for some introductions: At top left is Eugenia who is from Belarus; immediately right is perhaps the most oft seen model on this site including two of her own features and some other fabulous, Divinely inspired work is Kim C. from Canada.

Sometimes we like to feature just a single model and I think next time we do….it’s going to be ‘Pampita Ardohain’ from Argentina.  In all seriousness, we get a lot of requests for her.petra       

Over there on the right is not only a Supermodel, but also a Wonder Woman. We’ve shared the horrific stories of Petra N. on several different occasions, but gosh! Isn’t she just a sight for one’s eyes?


Would you say this is a “Beer-Belly”? 


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