Basic Beauty

 hey-i-know-this-ladyEvery now and then one just needs to say, “Hey WTF” slow down a little bit, smell some clean fresh air, delve into a drop or two of your tastiest beverage, whiff the bouquet of freshly cut flowers, AND really appreciate God’s creation. Any questions?  calla_lilies_

I realize that I can’t–nor will I attempt to speak for anyone on this matter, but I think God out did himself when he made Eve.

In fact, I believe that God made Eve and blessed her with a unique ability to be a precise replica of every person’s vision of what she looked like. I know it’s a bit out there, but…..

What I mean is that every decade, generation, and century has their own version of what Eve looked like. Okay…no problem. However, have you ever run into a lady and just in the back of your mind, you mutter something like, “I’ll be that’s what Eve must have looked like…” C’mon gang! I know that I’ve had my versions of Adam; then I have had some, “Oh sheeeit!! After you God broke the mold type Adam’s. msmaske

Did you see the film Juno? The film about the decision-making of  a sixteen year old lady whether to keep her baby, or go the ‘let’s get rid of it’ route?

Juno, the lead character in the film was played by Ellen Page who is one of my all time faves…damn she’s a great actress! Anyway, she comes home one evening–late–and just before entering her house she picks this flower and muses….”did you ever notice how much different things smell and taste when you’ve been away for awhile?” She’s thinking this as she picks a flower and rubs it around her belly that is now a full nine months pregnant!

Great film…kind of a chick flick, but there’ s a lot to be learned for any males who watch it. Actually the darling Ms. Page received a nomination for the big one, OSCAR, Academy Award for Best Actress. If you care for really critically good acting performances, Ellen Page is a must see! However, I hasten to add that as anyones first Ellen Page experience, I’d suggest Hard Candy...brilliant performance!what-a-temptress  

female-nudes-tastefullyAt any rate we’re . going to be starting some different things here at the site. I hope you’ve noticed the HUGE change in our masthead or header to the exploding fireworks, I thought it added some color and brilliance to the page as a whole.

 I am willing to take all suggestions for a proper name for this blog. In the beginning when it was first started I was told that “Simplistic States” was used for the very first name. Shortly thereafter the name was changed to “Simpleminds” with the exact same nuance—something that was easy on the brain, easy on the eyes, and in all manner of things just simple.









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