Let’s start Summer in Argentina!

yesica_toscaniniYou probably wouldn’t know without me telling you, as I have done so before, that the posting we did on Argentina have been viewed by more than twice as many readers — visitors than several second, third and fourth choices.

We realize that there could be any number of reasons for this; however, we can’t even attempt to discern why that statistic is so overwhelming. In light of the postings, we did two postings featuring the models and ladies of Argentina compared to over six separate postings for Brazil, and at least three for Czechoslovakia

lujan_fernandezThat is my friends one of the nature’s of fashion — for example — could a person wear a full length D&G gown to a show say in Buenos Aries? May it never be! The ladies would be terribly uncomfortable  (unless they were naked under their gowns) and the men, wouldn’t be wearing much after the first pass (on the runway, folks!). Hmm, have you ever wondered why the folks are so scantily clad?

As for me I believe a lot of it depends on the culture — my impressions in many, many countries  the people are far less inhabited than their American counterparts. Why? Maybe it’s the men? Maybe their better at lusting, who knows? Maybe everyone isn’t so obsessed with sex, or maybe that notion is looked at completely different than in the American society.priscila_crivocapich

As for me, it sems to boil down to a cultural enigma. The oddity here is that in America there is far more public display of affection (PDA) than the South American countries I’ve either visited or lived in.

carolina_ardohain-PampitaIt also seems to me there is a huge difference between the art of having sex and how such seems to be measured outside of America. Simply put, sex and physical endeavors are far more likely to happen in America. Whereas, in Argentina sex is something for after marriage.

One is not likely to find the ‘average’ Argentine school girl uploading naked photographs of herself to her boyfriend either by use of the hand held camera or the ‘sex tape’ from the motion side of things.

Believe it or not…I was enjoying a show the other night on network television when a female in  junior in high school was with a guy from her high school and she asked about the sex tape — like it was something to be coveted. Actually it was ‘everyone else has em’ like it is a cultural norm. I don’t know…is it?Or not

Briefly stated here, Argentine ladies adore the human form — they love it and certainly appreciate it; however, they do not lust about it and it certainly is not a focal point of parties, or even at the beach.

These ladies are extremely modest and mostly shy.






With Compliments of course to our model friends: Yesica, Lujan Carolina, Priscila, and of course, Liz Solari.

And a huge ‘shout out’ to our friends at: The Fashion Model Directory, BWGreyscale, Bellazon, and one of our latest faves, HQ  Models Fashion and  Enjoy!!



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