Oh hell yeah!

AVATAR2Feeling pretty good today on just about everything. Mind you it is hard to be all squished in, that feeling of the inability to move, you know, really get out and stretch!

Anyone familiar with this writer or this blog knows how we love to exercise; albeit, training for cycling, running, swimming, volleyball, baseball, or whatever sport you’re in too. The simple sensation of getting out and working out with friends is awesome.

Now think of it this way — please be reminded that everyone thinks about this almost obsessively — but one must conclude that working out with those finely tuned and toned bodies is a real stLiliane fmdatement for God’s handiwork.

Truth be told, we are not talking about “The Club” or any other place where people go to perv. Goodness NO! In fact for many of my friends and me the whole “Club” scene had gotten so out of control that it became difficult to achieve what one had set out to do in the first place.

And what could be worse than being stared at — continuously — by guys who appear to be salivating — drooling all over themselves? And I’m not even talking about myself here…try to be far too humble for that…but some of my friends, both male and female, could twist a neck like something out of the Exorcist.

Tori_CI think that it is the season; Summertime and the livin’ is easy… or so we’re told. This much I do know…during the summer folks wear less, train harder, sweat more, and who could think of a better combination than that!?

Don’t misunderstand me whatsoever, please! I mean Emma Watson in Burbury is like a tiny slice of heaven…early here on earth.

Furthermore, any number of what walks down the runway deserves their just ado, for making some really poor looking stuff draw ‘Oohs and Ahhs from every one within eye shot.

Seriously I wonder how many “models” made the designer rather than the other way arLisa for Sergioound?

models_topmodelsAgain with Compliments and Kudos to all of our friends here at the site and of course, at Chess.com where the greatest chess players in the world come just to hang out and play.                                      

 And once again to my friends and colleagues over at The Fashion Model Directory the undisputed largest database of models on earth. Gonna give some shout-outs now: My i-friend Bakedzito, Sis-d, and of course, KLee, and I would like to mention a lovely blog, magnificent is a better word, Asian Models.com as well as the models blog.





2 responses to “Oh hell yeah!

  1. summer’s the greatest, when you feel all fit and toned and can get out and strut your stuff. thanks as always for your beautiful pics. I’m on the sidelines for a few weeks, cracked my collar bone in a bike crash. c’est la vie.

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