College ladies and summer…

Slide52Here we are again…another time for sharing friends with friends and hopefully getting that heart rate up just a bit whilst marveling at some of the most gorgeous females in the world who never see the the world from the’s top 100 list.

Quite openly, when I see some of the ladies who’ve made the list — as well as what number they come in at never ceases to amaze me.

However, will all due credit to they are not the one’s who allegedly make theSKYY_Katherine at i la decisions — it’s supposed to be the public voting that does it. And this year there just might be some crediability to that:

Slide53 is Nat GilbertEarlier I was at the site a couple of weeks ago and noticed that Katherine Heigl was listed at number one! Well, needless to say I was thrilled beyond words. Katherine Heigl is quite special to me in so many ways. She is a multi-talented person who just seems able to do it all. She does things that are so cute and I’m not even sure the theater audience knows or even sees her greatness.  

Seriously, I remember when I first saw her — it was a film, a Steven Seagal film even where she played his 16-year-old niece. I thought her performance was quite good all things being equal. Yet, when I used up every source I have, all my bribe money, and all my ‘seed’ money just to get more information on her and it was like nothing I’d ever seen or experienced before or since!Katherine-Heigl-11

It was like this shroud of mystery and silence around her. I knew she was special then, and she’s developed into an even more special person now some 33 films later, the number one show on television in Gray’s Anatomy (Isabel), and whether she’s Knocked Up or seen in 27 Dresses!

Just one last itty-biddy about Katherine ‘Kate” Heigl: She’s as real  In other words she’s the real deal! 


While we may get older, they never do!

While we may get older, they never do!








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