A little Spanish, French, Swiss, and Yankee

Victoria1We cannot possibly speak for everyone — but this much we can — the female anatomy is a testimont to our Creator’s handiwork! When I see the likes of young Viktoria (left) it is hard for me to think of evolution, Darwin, Spencer, or any other ‘we crawled out of the sea’ types. Seriously! Just look at her!

Every single curve of her looks like a brilliant sculpture — I mean she looks like the type of lady that got all of the best parts of every woman ever conceived. Notice the curvature of her lower back, and the flatness of her tummy; moreover, what can be said about that bum! Her skin is so tight on her she looks as though one could just sit and bounce coins off of her legs. 

 What could ever be said about the model cum stunner below and to the right? Her modeling portfolio isflippa1 indeed larger than any agency or website could ever hold. I have no idea how many times she’s been photographed by the world’s most renowned shutterbugs but this we will say for sure: Flippa was born to model.

She is simply spectacular and has been since she started at the age of 16 years old. And yes!! That is Flippa just below in her first ever campaign…for Ralph Lauren no less! Most models work a careers worth to be one of ‘Ralph’s girls’ but Flippa with her abundant blessings was actually recruited by Ralph Lauren himself.

 Filippa_Hamiltons 1stJust for the sake of formality, on the left is Flippa at 16 years of age in the Lauren campaign for “Romance” perfume.

 And just below to the left is another very, very recent photograph of Flippa in a magnificent lingerie campaign.

We’re really not certain if we could ever say enough about her. Young, well-read, successful, intelligent, and drop dead gorgeous all in one.






Center and just below is the magnificent ‘Megan Mac.’ Who much like Flippa started at a very young age…perhaps around 13 to 14 years of age. Megan is forever a Sports Illustrated model and it would be close to see if anyone has appeared in the magazine more times than she. A consummate professional and always working hard, Ms. Megan has of sorts been so blessed in this business that she is having indeed what most espouse as either her second wind or maybe her third go around, however, more popular than ever! 


And then we all have some of our own faves like Viktoria just to the left and Elsa just over here below and to the right.Viktoria P.   What can possibly be said about Elsa? She’s been at the top of the modeling industry forever; moreover, this SI Swinsuit cover has been voted the Best Cover of all Time for SI.          

 elsa benitez








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