Anastasia1 Just a quick ‘shout out’ to our friends! Hiya gang — enjoying the site? This site is dedicated to our Creator for his magnificent work of creation. In particular, we want to say ‘thank you god’ for out doing yourself endlessly.    

Every time we think we’ve seen the majesty of your handiwork we, somehow, are simply amazed at what we see and experience. We mean, take a look at Anastassia to the left. Have you ever seen such long lines? Better still is her muscles that support her every inch. She seems so comfortable just cruisin’ through those sandy mountains — looking as though she doesn’t have a care in the world.

For this particular segment we would like to look at how some of the big Madison Avenue advertiser’s use the lovely gifts one is endowed with at birth to promote their or a company’s products.

A couple of issues come immediately to mind when we address advertising; namely, advertising is a medium that can either work for you, or, precisely the opposite meaning, if the general public is offended with the ad then it does work against your product. In reality there have been great advertising campaigns where companies have flourished; however, there are other circumstances that have so offended the buyers at large that regardless of how great the product is, it is not going to sell.PFO4986

That is about enough of an introduction for advertising. One issue that we want to look at in particular is that some advertising giants simply go over-the-top with the exploitation of women on the one hand, and on the other hand it seems as though more and more advertisers are pushing the edge constantly with sex and or sensuality splashed all over the ad.

Bar Paly1

Therefore for this particular article we’ve decided to feature a few suggestive advertisements and ask YOU to comment or give feedback as to what you feel. Cool? Thank you.

Throughout this article some of the world’s most gorgeous women are featured. Yet, we would like to ask EVERYONE what the meaning of the advertisement is, what is being promoted, and a look at how it’s being promoted. For example just to the left is a stunning model who appears to be having a bit of water to drink.

However upon closer perusal it doesn’t take a genius to sort out what is going on in the photograph. Anyone please share with us why is the model licking her middle finger with droplets of water dripping off of her hand?         

Far be it from us but the seductive look in the model’s eyes doesn’t exactly make the faucet jump out at us. If you look closely the photo is basically a lady with her head over a faucet and it appears that she’s getting a drink of water. Yet for some reason we don’t think that the focus of the ad is water, sink, or the trendy new faucet.           ola for mouth

Now is the stunning model at right promoting the “crop growers of the world” or is it a jewelry ad? For all we know it certainly could be a nail polish ad featuring the the new strawberry color. Or on the other hand is the advertisement could be for toothpaste, mouth wash, or facial foundation. The model is awesome!  

Agnes1If the cover of i-D magazine is selling anything what do you suppose it is? We’re still have a bit of difficulty with this one. We certainly know what it looks like and the quote from the model, Agyness, at the bottom of the cover “Feel the fear and do it anyway” really sort of goes along with a few other cliches we aware of namely, “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

With the greatest of respect for the magazine and how quickly Agyness has risen in her young career it has just been phenomenal! All things being considered however, we think that the quote on the magazine cover may just as well be “Catch”. What is the fear she alludes too? Moreover, how does one train a model to strike that pose?

victoriyo ad

Now, just out of courteousy, what do you suppose is being advertised in the photo to the right? Don’t get us wrong, we love the photograph, and who cares what’s being advertised — but what is the focus of the ad?


Then again as we look at the stunning model on the left, amidst the forest alongside the river bank, carrying that gorgeous guitar, and I guess taking a break from a long session of music…or something.

What is the significance of the popsicle? Better still anyone notice the chain that adorns her entire trunk? Anyone also notice the smashed and crumpled grass behind her? Is it like multi-tasking — or being able to do several things at once? Heck if we know; therefore, we attribute this to simply great art! If one takes the likes of the magnificent model (one definitely could do no wrong) yet with the dress hiked up, holding the guitar, and sucking on a popsicle is fabulous art.

Although we can all come to the conclusion that a model’s job is to model; subsequently there comes a great degree of acting which again supports our theory that models are easily trained or natural actors, because they are interacting with the products and photographers all shoot long.

 lamp or bikini

 And these are the kind of photo artsy type of advertising that I love! Most of you have probably already seen this advertisement — its very common on the Internet — yet I just love optical illusions. So what do you think this is an advertisement for — thong lingerie, panties or what?






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