A little bit of this…a little bit of that

jesscoleman6As for this new article we’ve been caught between the cross-hairs of wanting to go with a complete black and white theme or go with full color to brighten up the pages. Therefore, during the preparation for this article — mostly lay-out and who we wanted to feature — by the time we had come to consensus as to what we aspired to do, low and behold this is what we came up with before writing a word.                      

Whew! And did we ever! We included the luminescent black and white (left), basic black and white (below right), and some antique black and white showing marvelous talent with the arm and hand (lower left).

And again it is the full color shots that will spark attention for this posting. Just below is a photograph of a couple of friends of yours truly that I’ve been wanting to share for eons; all things being equal, it is a marvelous advertorial but can you guess for what? Oh yes…it hasn’t been published insofar as we hadn’t spoken with anyone in the shoot and unless the shots are public domain or within the guidelines of the Creative Commons we’d prefer not to engage in any misgivings.

As most regular readers and on-lookers already know we honor the integrity of every model that has ever been featured on this site. Again, one of our greatest intentions is to give them asJulia_Evgenova much, or more exposure as possible. That’s the way that most models live — someone sees ‘a look’ or a representation of their branding and the calls start a coming and any booker worth his or her salt can set it up instantly.

One further statement about the photograph to the left is the notion of fantasy — that is the entire mystique and glamour behind just going crazy and getting nutz or even naughty in the back of a limousine. 

So there you go fellas…there is a true fantasy of almost every friend or acquaintance I know. Try it out, if you haven’t already — it is absolutely amazing for the stamina and as most of us will readily admit, there’s nothing quite like the feel of cool leather or even vinyl on one’s naked skin. I’ve actually been told that entire plans have gone array once the festivities begin! 

Gosh I love that entire photograph; there’s something about it that is so expressive — so gentle, rowdy, ‘Euro whatever’ and a real handful enough for both of them! As for me, I think it’s the champagne!      

Moving on just a bit now, what can be said about that arm work?  T-A-L-E-N-T!! Actually I knowFemale-Orgasmhow the photographer set up this shot — but do you know? Actually it is really amazingly interesting how great photographers can take the seemingly smallest details and make them the high light of the shot. The again you already know how much a truly great photographer makes images appear in an artwork all of their own.

 Whilst on a ‘Blog Crawl’ the other day I ran into this article — of course heavily inspired by the shot immediately to the right — that by the looks of the picture that dealt with some kind of female pleasure. So being intrigued as I was I read the article — which turned out to be rather brilliant! So I say to myself, ‘…I need to get the link of this article and share it with our loyal readers for and on behalf of those women, you know, that can make things really easy or really difficult.’ It was a refreshing read and indeed the most open and up-front disclosure by just about anyone I know. Give it a read.

Passion-14And lastly for this article, I have this really good i-friend who is becoming a model and she is killing em’. Every post she writes, and every outfit she shares is like the most up-beat and trendy thing every put together.

She is also one of those people who is just a stunner; you know the kind, no matter what they have on — they look awesome! Well one of these days maybe she’ll pop on by this site and give this article a read. Why? Well having just a bit of experience in these matters – fashionista – it is definitely time in her young career to wear and model what Ms. Jessie is wearing below. It is definitely time for herBandW_Jess Rimmer (my i-buddy) to strut her stuff.

Oh yes…just one more thing…she has her own photographer who is growing a a rate that is almost as fast as her subject is as a model. A shout-out to all of my friends at Chess.com and I can never, ever leave out The Fashion Model Directory, and to my friends — you know who and where you are. Cheers!! 



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