What’s this post about?

Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak Brazil2Okay…nice to be back — if there is one particular thing that I love about this blog it is that it really is non-specific about — everything! Moreover, it was designed to be just that. This blog was put together for the sole purpose of being able to chill-out, relax (combine the two) chilax, kick back, listen to music, and let the mind and fingers do the communicatin’ if you know what I mean.

When we first established this blog we needed a name — Ut oh! No planning went into this in the least, but how about no name for starters? We just wanted to put up photographs of models we know, some we don’t, but most of all we wanted to give the models the credit for everything they do. Have you ever been looking at a magazine, television, billboard, or any advertisement for that matter and everyone from the manicurist to the film loader gets credit –literally, everyone except the most important feature in the ad — the models!

In no short order we decided to do precisely the opposite. In the earliest posts and articles onUnique eye_Natalie Lee Camp this blog every model was mentioned by name. In fact, we’d take ads directly out of magazines and make sure we got the model’s names correct just so they’d get the credit they deserved — even Natalie L. at right with the very unique Amanda h_oneeyes.

To this very day…at the precise time of writing this little ditty, let me introduce to you one of my all time faves…Amanda H. just to the left. This is one of the greatest photographs I’ve ever seen her in and that is saying a lot insofar as I have followed her career. Amanda has done so many shows, campaigns, and advertorials that it is hard to put a finger on any one particular — with the exception of this one — she is just so radiant!

Drum roll please! Just below on the hardwood floor is an amazing young model. We have simply been covering her cute status since about day one of her modeling days…or so we think anyway. It would be difficult to say which editorial she did first but the one where we became aware of Olga E. was in a beautiful Benetton spread. The theme behind the editorial was that of being excited with friends all fabulously dressed — decked out like ‘back to school’ excitement. The one the only_olga_

From that instant we began to take special attention with everything we could either gather, collect, or dig for keeping a watchful eye on Olga She’s also done some extensive work in a Lady Enyce campaign as well as for Target Stores.   

Although we know that the photograph chosen for this article is awesome, we nonetheless, look forward to featuring her more and more and more. We refer to her as ‘The One, the Only, Olga.’

Filippa_Hamilton30aAnd of course, featured on the left is none other than Flippa Hamilton, one of the most sought after and famous models working today. She is the consummate ‘Ralph Lauren’ girl and is featured on all Lauren’s ‘Black Label’ high line fashion items.

This is the same model who was the victim of such a horrid scandal involving photo-shopping images that rocked just about everyone in the print,  audio & visual industry — especially those magazines that feature advertising as their main source of existence. This is the real Flippa – and at publication we have had zero confirmation as to whether this shot was altered.

As for Miyuki, the model below and right we’ve had this photograph for eons…years and this is the first time we’veMiyukibeen able to feature it. Maybe you can figure it out as to why. We hope so and we’ll wait until someone responses with why we waited to long to actually produce this photo, it’s really not that big of a deal — it is a great photo and she is absolutely stunning! 

Now then does anyone have a clue to what this post is about?



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