Ladies from the South

megan abrigoIt would be lovely for us to feature some of our dear friends south of the border of the U.S.A. There is so much beauty and raw talent that it would just be a crime to let this go to much farther.

So for this post — which is so long overdue — by consensus it has been decided that the features or featurettes come from where seemingly the sun shines brighter and longer, although we know that is not the case.

But c’mon, let’s have some fun. First up is a real wonder-woman ifapp_full_proxy there ever was one; however it migh be better phrased as wonder-lady or even girl. Meet Megan A. who needs no build up from me or anyone else. There is a catch with Megan though; she was born in Hawaii, but as far as we are concerned that’s south enough!

And of course to the right is one of our “ALL-TIME FAVES” at this site. She’s been featured here since a teenager, and it is so delightful to see her career blossoming the way that it is — just keeps on continuing to grow with more endorsements and more campaigns each year. We all know heGabrielaRr as Gabriela. 

Just below and left is the ever-amazing Ana Carolina the consumate professional, people’s favorite, and a real crowd pleaser! Ana has a presence about her that wherever she is or whose runway she’s strutting it seems as though one could hear the collective sounds of sighs, and heads a turning.

Ana Carolina S

Just as we were ready to go to publish this magnificent article featuring some of the most gorgeous females God has created we got to thinking that this would be a perfect article for Carolina!

Ah yes…little Carolina from a small village in Argentina called Santa Rosa in Pampe, Argentina; therefore, she literally is known as Pampita and most around her refer to her as that.


And to the immediate right is the delightful Deanna Miller gracing the cover of Annabelle magazine. Outside of her majestic beauty and supple asssets — the one thing that really jumped out at us in the photograph is — what?

Sure! You got it! The knickers she’s wearing brough international acclaim to two aspiring young ladies who are now in such high demand — we all know them as Sophia Coppolla who designed the knickers and of course, Scarlett Johannson who wore them in a little film called Lost in Translation.

And finally, immediately to the right is Angelina; she has been featured on this site since her earliest days as a model. She is nothing shy of simply magnificent. So with that and all the other ladies featured here we say, “Bottoms Up” girls! Have a great time while you can!angelinaa




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