South of the Border…mujeres

Many people in the world today have a keen eye and a propensity for Hispanic or Latin ladies. Don’t know if it is the youthful looking bronze skin, or just how well they look a la natural; heck we can’t put our fingers on it anymore than the next person!Far be it from us yet, doesn’t it seem as though our featured ladies have extraordinarily tight skin. We used to refer to this as ‘hot-dog skin’ meaning, that these gorgeous models are so spectacularly tight skinned it looks as though they are painted!

Indeed Brazil has had the “Title” for supermodels for some time now — and when one thinks about it maybe it is their cultural heritage to worship the sun. Nah! It takes so much more than genetics to get and maintain figures and bodies like Brazilian beauties — or for that matter, Guatemalan girls, Argentine angels, Peruvian princesses, and the marvelous Mexicans.

Okay already, okay and o.k! For most of us, especially those who have had the fortune to actually go to Brazil, or South America, or Panama, Costa Rica, or all of Central America it’s easy to place photographs of gorgeous ladies and models in their full regalia or skimperey and to write something nice about them.    

Seriously, look at Daniela over at the right. I mean don’t just look at her, but look at how well proportioned she is; look at the muscular figure and how well her body is evenly set into the “Three’s.”

So what’s up with the “Three’s”? Actually Daniela is perfect; just as is Caroline is who appears very scantly clad below and on the left. Notice how their legs match the proportion of their torsos which in turn is in perfect proportion from the clavical to the top of the head. Now if we wanted to get out of the box and say ‘other deminisions’ check this one out:

 If one were to look carefully at Daniela, Caroline, or Thalita below and left one could easily see that from ankle to knee is the same distance as knee to hips; waist to upper bossom and then upper breast to forehead. Now we’re going to ask anyone who has stopped looking long enough at these beautiful Chica’s if they’ve ever noticed these proportional characteristics in a woman before?

Well you’ve probably already guessed it by now, but the same holds true for a persons face too! It is alleged by experts that the ‘perfect face’ has equal deminisions starting at the hair line to upper eyes should equal mid-eyes to upper lip and to top it off, mid-mouth  to chin should equal the distance precisely of the other two. Therefore for a person to attain the ‘perfect facial measurements’ all three criteria should equal each other. Now then if you’re really careful you’ll notice on all of the ladies featured here this week — all of them have evenly proportioned faces as well as perfectly proportioned bodies!

That ladies and gentlemen is what scouts, bookers, managers, oh hell, everyone in the fashion/beauty/cosmentic business are looking for. As for me I think that this contributes to a persons versatility which I still believe is the key to success and supermodel-dom.           

I have long advocated that the worlds most successful models are those who are indeed the most versatile. That is what produces the “I didn’t know that was her…” declarations. Quite simply a great model can go from outfit to outfit, hair to hair, and stylist to stylist and completely change their looks from one magnificent creature to another in literally minutes. 

We were so happy that we could feature Ana below and right simply because she’s so spectacular! If one were looking, they’d notice that the distance from Ana’s elbow to shoulder is the same as the length of her thighs. I love that particular of her because she’s always smiling. A happy model!    

Okay so maybe the lovely lady below is not from the Caribbean or South America. But she is gorgeous beyone comprehension and please notice the long or the elongated thigh muscles. Her name is Esti; she’s been featured here numerous times and we simply love her!

And finally for our last featurette of the week we introduce you to Fabiana who has a following like the folks in the “New Moon” film! If she is available then there is someone the world over who is willing to fork out whatever she wants.

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