An experiment to enjoy…

Yes, yes we know….some of these images have been featured at one time or another on our site. But hey! Is there anything wrong with really liking something and wanting to see it again?

 Actually this posting is really an experiement to see whether or not a group of images — copy and pasted into a MS Powerpoint presentation — could in fact be saved as one single photograph and posted up on the site as a montage. And [drum roll please..] it appears to be possible. Yea!!

 So far so good — but the main point is to either increase the size of the actual photograph or you know when you see a truly remarkable ad or editorial in a magazine and the page cuts it in half? Yes of course that’s Ms. Zoe D. from Canada at leftw.

That is precisely what we’re trying to do here…okay, okay, OK, so the secrets out. What we’re aiming to do is to take agency photos or near agency quality of the originals and using the grid table in PowerPoint trying to put them together as one true picture without any lines through or those unwanted creases that tend to take away from NOT the photo — but you guessed it — the model.

Right here now. So now everyone knows what I mean when we came up with the title of this weeks edition — An Experiment to enjoy! — so now I’ve come tho the realization that the sooner I start writing and less playing this article will go to print and uploaded. 

So without any further adieu let’s introduce or make mention of our feature models this week, shall we? Up top center is Hanna; and I must have had this photo of her now for about two years — simply spectacular isn’t she!? However, I could never upload it because it was in two pieces.

Just to the left of her is Cris who I feel is going to make quite an impact on the ‘beauty’ side of modeling. For those who need a short refresher, beauty and/or glamour models are those who normally lack the height (5’10-6’0 feet) to do serious runway work; therefore, their main concentration is quite lofty insofar as everything from cosmetics, to jewelry, to lingerie, to swinwear, to specialists, that is — “The Lady or Face of Guess” and the like.     

Now up just a bit in the pink shorts is to this day one of the most successful models to ever come out of Brasil, Raica O. She has been an “ALL TIME FAVE” of mine since she broke onto the international modeling and fashion scene. Just one quick fact: had Raica entered that ‘Bum of the year’ contest, there can be little doubt who’d have won! 

Actually this posting shows the finalists in the “Most Beautiful Backside Contest” to the left. Let’s see, can you name any of them? Do you think it is bad to know a lady by her bum rather than her face? Humm….interesting. Just below and left is “My Favorite American” Eliosa. She did an advertorial for a company that read “I AM an American!”  

And again, once again is the “She’s got the Summer Licked, do you?” onw of our friends here at the site insofar as she communicates regularly and gets featured a lot; her name is Sophia. 

And for one of our last features of the year 2009 is the “Face of women’secret” herself, Ms. Katarina and we’ll do our best to feature more of Katarina in 2010. Cheers gang!

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