Featured lying down


Whew! It’s been a while since we’ve posted. Don’t get me wrong here there is nothing at all wrong with the exception that maybe I’m playing a bit too much chess over at Chess.com with my friends – what a great group of folks! Actually the real reason, in addition to playing too much chess lies in the simple notion that I’m studying the game a lot more and from a different perspective. So there, you have it!


That being said now on to today’s musings. I really can’t explain what it is but lately whenever I’m at or visiting an agency; moreover, looking over some other models’ books it just seems that January was the quintessential “laying down pose month.” Especially for several of the newcomers.

I really don’t know what it insinuates, but as for me, art is art – as fashion is fashion – as is beauty to beauty – and glamour is to glamour. There is such a relationship that transpires between a model and the folks responsible for making the production. If I didn’t know better I’d refer to it as chemistry; however, not that kind of interpersonal chemistry. Mind you I do have friends that have taken their modeling to the seemingly endless limit with photographers and other crew members. 
Seriously if a person wants to get into modeling my first words of support would be to “be happy, and love what you’re doing” and take it to the max! What other profession allows a person to go out on a small 180 foot yacht, get to drink the finest champagne, normally with the most influential people on the A-list all this and much, much more for wearing a pair of a designer’s pants? Or blouse, shoes, or underwear and lingerie?  

 Look at how much fun the others’ are having! This one is even worse…look at how much harder everyone is working to make you look perfect!! Now if one cannot find a smile between these two extremes well, maybe fashion, beauty, catalog, or glamour modeling is not for you.



The point is nobody wants to work (and I do mean work!) with another person in a bad mood. That’s upcoming in the next chapter of the book – there are jobs I should have given away or got a replacement for because of my own mood. Mind you this doesn’t happen regularly, or I wouldn’t be working at all – yet there is a way to “snap too it” straight away if you are in one of those moods. 

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