End Month Madness!!

Finally!! My apologies for not being as diligent as I should be — but you know, a girl really must always be in touch with her priorities.That’s certainly not to imply that these writings and model looks-see’s aren’t important — because the most certainly are. As is the case with relative newcomer Alica just to the left.

However, for the most part what would life be like if all I did was promote others’? I mean a gurl must see to it that she’s kept. And oh how I mean kept. I’ve been thinking of shortcuts lately inasmuch as it’s been so long since my last posting, that maybe during my evening primping time I should take the laptop into the bath with me; you know, your basic relax and writing accommodations.

For the sake of allowing folks to know the who, what, where, and when on any model featured here, if one were to roll over a photograph the model’s first name should appear; from there if a person’s interested I’d go to the largest model database on the planet with nothing but cutting edge information and of course they’re linked up too other agencies and websites that can get you everything you need about a particular model.

Yes of course I allude to the Fashion Model Directory (FMD) where one could find a load of info on just about anyone at all in the fashion business. FMD is really cool and one could literally spend hours at a time there with all of the search and criteria options available.

Here’s an example: Angelina, to the right  is taken from her portfolio from a reasonably recent campaign she did for Guess? Now say you wanted to find a lot of ladies and gentlemen who have modelled for Guess? and when and where it happened. In FMD’s unique criteria search one could literally type Guess and enter. Most of the time another page pops right up with mini pictures of those known to have been in a Guess? campaign.

Or if you needed another way to find a particular person you could always go by their country of origin. This process is always fun for me but could be laborius for some. Try typing in Brazil for example and I think at least 40 pages containing at least 10 model profiles pops up and you’re on your way with the “Ladies of America”.

Directly below is a born stunner and superstar to boot! She is Maria R. from Bulgaria and believe it or not we did feature her on this site about 18 months ago. But oh boy! Talk about natural beauty!! The Bulgarian’s are much the same as the Australian ladies are in that regard. 

As we’ve alluded to so, so many times in the past, our passion for Australian ladies is just about unparalleled. Seriously folks one of the reasons these ladies have graced the fashion business, music, and especially the film industry is because they are a la natural.

One is not going to find an Australian model with over-done make-up or any other accessories. Basically for the “Aussie” lady it’s what you see is what you get. And oh my! Having spent half or more of my life there, I can readily state that playing Holloween 7-days-a-week just doesn’t exist in (a) their culture and (b) in their DNA.

This is no more clearly evidenced than by Nicole who is just to the immediate left and below. Try as you may but one is simply not going to find heavy goobs of make-up on Nicole. And the ironly is no matter which one of her agencies you visit, IMG New York, or CHIC Model Management in Sydney, all of her photos — including magazine covers Nicole simply does not wear much — or as in this case of anything.

So much of this is inherent with the Australian ladies. Another great example is Catherine McNeil the stunner just below. If you look closely you’ll notice that there is not a lot of make-up on her. These girls are a  real pleasure to look at, if only from the perspecitve of how they allow their natural beauty shine.  

As for the lot let’s finish this long-awaited post wind up with Angela Martini for Guess? just to the right. Whew! To say that this model is lacking anything — style, versatility, beauty, glamour, or just about every asset a model could ever hope for Ms. Martini wants for nothing as far as we can see which of course makes her a perfect Guess? girl, don’t you agree.      

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