It’s okay to stare!

 We have featured this model on this site several times; however, the more she’s featured that greater her innate abilities of a true super model are manifest. We all know her simply as Daniela.  As for us the true mark of one’s everyday model, or, those given to beauty, glamour, sports/fitness, even fit models and the too often used “super model” lies in their versatility.

Versatility with models could easily be compared to successful actors. People will go weekly to see an actor who they know who the person is; moreover, they are going to see who the actor becomes. Think of some of the greatest actors in history and we’ll show you magnificent parts and extraordinary lengths the actors went too in preparation. Oh btw, the model to the left, is she a lingerie, glamour, sports/fitness, or screaming catwalk model? Actually if you were on Jeopardy any answer is sufficient but the best is probably “a parts model.”

Back to the comparison of models and actors. In one word it’s versatility. We all can attest to Robin Williams as Mork; yet, who the hell was Mrs. Doubtfire? And who was that playing Hook in Peter Pan? Now then back to models: Have you ever seen a model that you knew who he/she was but you just couldn’t put your finger on it? That’s probably because its probably the model you know, however, the versatility of these creatures is so wild that the slightest bit of make-up, or highlights in the hair, hell even the designers’ clothes can turn these “wonder models” into super models. 

As for me that is one enigma about fashion. Have you ever thought of what some of these ladies go through? Yup the money is good — real good — and most shoots go as easily as we would want them too given the chemistry that exists between the photographer, stylist, make-up and hair artists or in model jargon, the crew. 

When all of these elements collaborate, and work together the finished product is sometimes missing for words.

A great example of this is the simplicity of the shot of Olya to the left. It’s not exactly like someone — the photographer in this case — just tells you “…oh just strip down and roll around on the bed for awhile…” Just like the great actor there must be motivation; moreover, there must be something that will assist the scared to death new model to understand the project and assist in every way possible (within limits, of course!) because she is the centrality of the crew. Humbly I submit that there were several lights glaring with hoods on, over, or above them. Notice Olya’s lower leg, the top of her beautiful breasts and her well-lit left arm and face. 

I or anyone else here are going to say a thing about the gorgeous model below and to the right. Sometimes when I see these models I start feeling that “…she’s the one who amounted to perfection…” 

Have you ever wondered if these beautiful ladies look in the mirror and see the same person you and I see? It’s like sometimes I get up or even after a delightful night of the bubbily and friends I shuffle into the bathroom and look into that mirror…you know the one…that mirror and I am just as revolting as I was before I looked.

Then again there are those times when we all have that magic glow on and we even surprise ourselves. Unfortunately those times are too few and too far off; I’ve yet to meet the model who is hung up on herself. 


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