Derriere Deluxe Days are here!!

Okay ladies and gentlemen it’s time! Ah hell yeah, it’s time for butt of the month selections. Or you may prefer derrière deluxe days; everyone has their own particular favorite names, we just thought it was time to feature some of t he most lofty, premium, sexy, rounded, and firm buns on the planet earth. 

Without further adieu for this competition we may include the lingerie the models may or may not be wearing to include manufacturer’s so when that time arrives in all of our lives — we will be on the ready! 

 Seriously now, who doesn’t enjoy the feel, touch, or excitement that some clean crisp lingerie brings to any occasion? Moreover, we feel it is only appropriate to give kudos, thanks, and compliments to those company’s who are so dedicated to making our anatomy look sensual if not down right sexy!


Therefore without too much more discussion we just wanted to feature a few derrières — some involved in a competition, and some others that should have been in the competition! 

Is it me or do you also think that God created bumms to look exactly like hearts?     

Here’s another question and hopefully we’ll get some response from this question: Where or What is the first thing you look at when you gaze at a women?

Well then…I ask them what do you think of this touche just below with the thigh-high leggings? I mean is there a more perfect butt anywhere on this planet? If you’ve seen a better looking firm, soft, well-shaped, deluxe with:

A$$ dimples, heart shaped specimen of a womans back side, then please show it to me. Moreover, what could anyone tell me about this finely tuned buttucks?

To this very day I have male and female friends that tell me that they can tell more about a woman by looking at her a$$ than any other portion of the ladies anatomy. Hum…so then I ask them if they go around at clubs, parties, and other get togethers that involve both sexes and ask them if they walk around with their heads down trying to before looking at a girls face? Yep!  

The rest of this column is for you to enjoy. I only have one HUGE favor to ask: Could you please rate these awesome derrières for me and you?

Let’s start with center top as (1) and then top right as (2) and top left as (3) middle right (4) middle left (5) and then bottom left in gray as (6) Continuing with bottom left as (4) with Ms. Spectacular at lower right as (7)?







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