What I like about black and white…

Just some simple musings here folks in preparation of putting this new post together. Have you ever noticed that photographs shot in black and white (b&w) have a tendency of making a picture look different than it is in color?

I really wish for the life of me that I could explain it but I’m as lost as the next person. It would take a professional photographer, or a group of folks chatting about it bringing up various suggestions and the like.

Then a person (or should I write this person) would be able to bounce ideas off another person while at the same time getting really helpful hints. I also believe that there is a understated sensuality or better still, almost an erotic nature when shooting in b&w.

It appears for me that b&w can at times be more revealing. For example in the very top photograph the image detail is glorious! I’m sure that most of it — outside of the photographers artful eyes — the lighting makes so much difference. In the very top pic every shadow has it own meaning.

Furthermore in the second photograph above, if I were to see this image in full color I’m sure the mystique would be gone as well as the firm musculature of the model; most of all if it were in color it would come off as being cheap almost porno…

This particular editorial was specifically designed to be b&w only. Looking at the first and third pictures the model almost seems to be nude. These are referred to as “look-see” photo’s in the modeling business; they’re taken for fit purposes for both the wearer and the purchaser; think about it, how else could a person know what they’ll look like on a dance floor, under the lights, in a pitch black room?

Seriously now…who wouldn’t think she isn’t stunning?

I’m just not too sure it gets any better than this gorgeous speciman!

Whew! One could literally go on, and on, and on, and on with these marvelous shots…but hey! I’m going to go play some chess.

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