Hello Gang! Apologies for not updating this much, so much sooner. This certainly is not to imply that I haven’t tried. Oh contraire! On three separate occasions we’ve tried to upload content obviously without success. Therefore we’ve learned that when using another company’s space and machinery, everything must be up to snuff!

Just like the above photograph. Caroline is her name and she just may be one of the most featured models here on our site. Caroline is simply amazing. She is very much like when she was born she was destined to be a Supermodel — and that she is — without any debate whatsoever. All kidding aside, it would be an easy task to do three or four postings featuring just Caroline; she’s got it all –versatility, looks, legs, skin, musculature, sass,ass, with just enough real…Royalty.


The model just above numerous times on our site. She is without question the most well-balanced — and loving life person I know. First came aware of Olga about four or more years ago when we thought she was an Eastern European model from like Croatia, Slovakia, or even Bulgaria — you know where the Gypsies are from.

She’s got to be having the time of her young life these days. Olga, represented by Elite Model Management, is literally flying all over the globe doing you name it — beauty and skin advertising, high profile work for Nordstrom’s and Sack’s 5th Avenue, also featuring the authentic ‘Team Edward or Team Jacob’ wear from the hit films from the Twlight saga.

One more time just for the sake of good old’ fashioned goodness. Olga  (both above and below) is a family oriented person that has more fun hanging out with her younger sis’ and her grandma then going out clubbing it. Her modesty is simply overwhelming and it is very difficult to find her without a smile on her face. Hell, we all love her!

Doing our just adieu here; the awesome model to the right is on her way to Supermodel status; her name is Olya. It seems that everything she does from lip stick to lingerie — look at the concentration on her face!  



 Okay, maybe it’s me or the photographer, and definitely the model. This has got to be the most scrupulous pb&j sandwich ever consumed!





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