Knowing the fashion industry

At times there can be some difficulty when it comes down to what the audience wants and then again what we feel is appropriate. So on this particular posting we’ve decided to adopt the attitude of “WTF” meaning some items may be well suited for fashion — but we cringe to think what makes fashion?

And we are convinced that it is the entire crew, and we’re going to try and demonstrate that to you through this photo-journalistic writing. Starters, where would modeling be without a model? We’ve decided to use Lisa M. from this stunning shot of her: after and  staring at Lisa and all of her perfection we must hurriedly go to the artists — and what true artists they are.

We are of course talking about just the make up people here and demonstrated on Olga at left. These artists seem to do the impossible everyday of fashions life, and we firmly believe that fashion runway shows and the like would be impossible without them. So if you ever get the chance and you’re browsing backstage always notice that most models will say: “Oh that’s okay” to the hair stylist; however as annoying as the make-up artist can be, many a model owe their entire careers to them and think nothing of either having them added to their contracts or flying them out on a whims notice.

However what would fashion really amount to without the magic and artistry of the hair stylists? One may think that there is not a lot to do when you take a very attractive model such as Esti, turn on the fan and walk away! Chances are that Esti had her hair cut and styled prior to the shoot. Then between the Stylist and hair person(s) they must get it to lie or fall a certain way. Complete masters.

So then…what does one do to put just a jigger of erotisism in the advertisement? This is the fun part for most models simply because its edgy. Now a person could be less discreet and draw attention to a woman’s mouth which always works…another sure fire way to get attention to your product is making them the center of the advertisement; however, we don’t think that’s possible. WHY? Oh, let’s see when your looking at shoes what do you see first? I can assure you that just as Sergio Rossi the only item Lisa is wearing up above (shoes) althogh they are one of the best, I went straight for her bum. How about you?

We want to put some writing here about how models build friendships for years, most even lifetimes. Think of being 14 to 18 years of age and you get your first HUGE call; it’s runway work…oh no problem! But when you get there you find out its for Ralph Lauren or Monique Lhuillier or Valentino or Chanel. It quickly travels through your mind that if a person were to land a contract with either of these listed or perhaps 100 more giants just like them one may be set for the long haul. Now everyone whose in the show is huge. And most of them speak very little English and you don’t know a lick of Portuguese, Czech, or Russian. At left is Hillary Rhoda (l) and Caroline Trentini (r) who both came in at the same time and lived what I’ve explained.

Finally for the remainder of this posting it’s a free-for-all, no theme, or other parameters. Just a look-see…Cheers!   




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