Opportunities abound..!

Please say hello to Holly! She’s wearing one of those bikini’s that usually have an image of a living animal on them — lions, big cats, and some birds are very popular insofar as given the material and of course a body like Holly’s every movement she makes will help whatever animal come alive!

Far be it from me, but the very, very young model just below this writing is from South Africa. Believe it or not she’s participating in a contest — some of the contests have sponsor’s like Maxim or in this particular case this contest is put on by FHM Only magazine actually in Sweden. 

I find this of great interest insofar as here we have a young high school graduate under contract by a tiny agency in “way-out-there” So. Africa while a Swedish magazine well-known here and around the world is featuring her as well as 20 more models per week just in the opening round.

We absolutely love these kinds of images that are literally art. On the one hand some fine imagination combining two wine glasses fashioned after wonderfully appointed lingerie.

 Same with the image just left. Cleavage has always been perhaps one of the most oft exposed parts of the female anatomy. Throughout histroy artists, dress-makers, haberdasher’s, and especially Victoria’s Secret has made an absolute fortune featuring the cleavage — however big or small, deep or shallow, defined and with one’s hair properly done can drive a person crazy.                                                                                    

The model below I’ve known for ions! I think she started awhile before me something like a definite “child wonder-model” and therefore, I have actually grown up with this person; through every pimple, zit, whatever, we’ve seen Sarah through several growth stages since she was a little darlin’. Moreover, in simple model talk this lady R-O-C-K-S!

I’d just like to add a couple more images that I like and I hope that you do too. First is…you guess it! Black and white image and very easy to Id — so please Id her, thank you.

And I hope you like these as well. 










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