Oh! How Stunning!

Most of the time when I’m not working two different professions, or playing chess, the art of photocapture is without question one of my all-time favorite endeavors.

If someone were to ask me why, I think I’d share with them just how magical a photograph can be. From catching the majesty of the fireworks display at top to capturing my friend in natural light just above is incredible.

I will admit that the model in the photograph above, on the bed is one of the sexiest photographs I’ve ever seen. The photographer managed to capture God‘s handiwork splendidly — look at her arm with scapula muscle flexed just above her magnificent rib cage. Yet I remain the biggest sucker ever for a perfectly formed “sway back” especially portrayed by this model, that blends at the blooming of her bum — Beautiful!

I simply can’t explain what fun it’s been finding some images over the past months that say an awful lot about the advertising business and what a 1980s or 1990s woman would refer to as “The Exploitation of Women” go figure…how many caught in our last post the ‘open-book’ or the two half empty wine glasses?

Below is one of the greatest photos of manipulation of items to help one perceive something although it is not really there.

And for the homegirls, who could resist Hannah just below? Talk about legs, legs, legs…she wouldn’t mind — look at the tiny sway in her back!!

I guess my cover has been blown regarding ladies and women’s bums. I believe one can tell more about a lady by the condition/shape of her ass than just about everything else — or so most experts allege.

As for me and mine, it certainly gets the majority (time wise) of my work-out! Speaking of which…has anyone seen Jessica Biel lately!? Buffed!!


Personally I feel she was just too much for that “high-maintenance” weasel. Has anyone seen a picture of them with her smiling? J.T. is a spoiled little boy wearing a Roy Rogers cosmetic get up on Star Search, remember? This lady can have just about anyone she wants!


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