Spectacular and Stunning

Okay, okay, ok maybe I’m obsessed maybe even a little possessed, yet we all have our favorite parts of the female form. This is by no means a constant insofar as favorite parts, including height, weight, and  physical stature have all made their presence known in history.  This very topic about females, carries inherently more controversy than why someone would elect to wear a suicide vest! As most of our loyal readers know I have an affinity for the female derriere. Up to this point in my experience I’ve never seen two that are alike — some may be close but there will always be that little nuance.

 For the longest time I have wanted to give a glimpse of Tania. Please don’t misunderstand me whatsoever, inasmuch as Tania is definitely within the top 100 models in the entire world, she certainly has enough books online including her own personal site; but for some reason (as for me it is her posture!) otherwise she is just about as perfect as one will ever find.

Does the individual below need any introduction whatsoever? Sure she does! Perhaps one of the 10 most beautiful models in the world, definitely one of the 5 most intelligent or outright smartest human beings one could ever dream of…and nice!?  This stunning creature is none other than Miranda Kerr. Certainly one of the newest Aussie mums (little boy) with her hubby Orlando Bloom. Without any difficulty at all we could write the entire first page of this blog of her accomplishments and inventions.  

However, as wanting to share I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to hold this stunning image of the irresistible and divine Carol much longer. In all seriousness I’ve had this photo of her for years now. But I could never share it because of its extension. So one day I was looking for something at her agency and just happened to notice the same photo with a different extension. So here you are — from me to you!! 

 Just below is another photo of Tania; only this time she’s standing and really giving us a gaze at her chiseled form. I can’t help but think of the legendary gypsies when I even look at Tania; yes, she’s from Bulgaria.

 The photo below is of a new and definitely upcoming star within the fashion model business. She’s Assia and just adorable.

As a public service announcement we decided to post this photograph of a magnificently styled — not to mention nothing shy of gorgeous model. The reason it is a PSA is because we don’t know her name…H-E-L-P us out!!


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