Total Perfection

We thought that since there is very little dialog, no comments, that most people come here under the same auspecious that I do when putting it together.

Which is to brag a tale or two about a friend, a whole lot of looking, admire various clothes, fashions, accessories, and then some more staring.

Therefore if you don’t already kn0w her, the above shot is of the fabulous, always happy and thankful Holly. Now since we’ve shown a magnificent and tantalizing back side, we’d also want you to see Holly from the front too!

Just for the sake of angles or points of view we decided to throw in Argentina’s greatest natural resource “Pampita.”

Yet when we originally started out on this particular photo-journal it was intended to feature the five or ten models out of Argentina. Well we’ll save that undertaking for another day and other than “Pampita” we thought we’d introduce some of you to Silvia.

We did do an entire feature on Liliane Ferrarei who is below, former Miss Brasil, Ms. Universe, Ms. Everything, she’s won it all.

The following shot is one of those “I just love, love, love your lingerie shots that every now and then I keep for when I go shopping.

What hasn’t been said about the darling, friendly, kind of quiet or subdued, bombshell, Sarah Mutch? The ways Guess? works it for their ladies is that if your campaign did well the models enter into a non-formal Guess? Hall of Fame and they usually are sort of on call. There is also something silent and never stated between model and Guess? management. It’s cool.

This divine stunner below is successful at everything she endeavors to do — think I’ll give acting a spell and that is just what Sarah Smith does…not only is she a brilliant actress, it’s like she casts spells on the entire industry. Now as for the photo below it is one of all time faves. Being perfectly open here, I’m not completely sure if I’ve ever shared this photo of Sarah with anyone.

Please notice the fabric her dress is made from; notice how given her pose how the dress super hugs her — especially her lower back around to the hips — I named this photograph of Sarah “Ms. Rock Butt” cuz gang just look at the photo and I swear a person could bounce coins off of that excellent a$$


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