This one’s for the boys…



Every now and then especially when feeling romantic or creative — and that’s not a bad place to be either, albeit in fashion, cosmetics, perfume, especially lingerie, and other things both old and new for girls you know, like the simple bath, or having smooth things flowing across her body, one only ever now and then chooses to talk about s

What better way than just writing and telling — than to illuminate with the greatness of photographs — especially those done with models? Suffice it to say that a recent friend of mine is just that — a professional model. And causing no embarrassemnt whatsoever to her, she is up there with the most naturally sexy people I’ve ever seen and really guys, she doesn’t have to do much to get there.


 Everything up to this point features my new friend. We could easily simply look at her or…okay: Let’s start with the first two pictures. On the left I am not certain at all if it was done at a photo shoot. As for me, I believe that this lady knows how to move and that most of the time for her is her oozing sensually. The photograph on the extreme right shows me just how aware of her body she is and what she knows what works on men!

      The shot above is for me precisely what a lady can do to make those even around her STOP and LOOK! Furthermore, not being a person who is 


into girls 


on cars or especially motorcycles has never been my cup of tea. However my friend here looks insaitiable!

Like I originally stated in the beginning, this post is really a feature and made in friendship and honor only. I am not aware of any rights, privileges, copyrights, or otherwise. She has got some kind of wheels! 


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