Ohhhh, Ahhh, Those Ladies of the World


This has indeed been an experiment in trying new out new formats with photo sizing, having made preset slides only to find the test out of of fine models and the constant merging of one to another that the entire mess was about to make me sick! So even after publishing several different formats I decided on the proverbial rule: Just let the models shine and do this as simply as possible. Below is the unmistakable up and coming…and I bet soon to be a superstar is Barbara.

I believe I am more than familar with the stunner below with the
Ice Cream, however, it would be a disservice to take a lick and try and make a guess
for it. Suffice it to say that she sure knows wtf she’s doing all right!

And all things being equal our model above in the raven dark panties with the red lace and long, long legs is a sight to behold! Clearly for her it is the lingerie that is impeccably well-fitting and her seamed hose transcending those infamous legs that draws the attention to her fine perfectly pout ass.

Up above I could only name the photograph insofar as I still don’t recognize the model, no matter how cute she is with those lips ready for a kiss and her pert-ness…I just dubbed the photograph “coming down” with apparently what she’s up too with her hands. And below in the brilliant blue cami-set and perfectly buffed body is so stunning and into the shoot it seems as though she may be coming apart in some other areas.

Would you believe the amount of messages, comments, and literal pleas that we get from those of you who are ‘breast people.’ Without any further adieu, the lovely little punkin’ struttin’ the runway as giggily as possible is my treat to those of you who have respected our goings on about bums, long legs, abs, just like the ‘lady in black’ above. So here you are my friends…perhaps the best rack around!!

This unbelievable model is giving a real lesson on the art of popsicle pleasure. Notice ladies the moving back motion with her hand while at the same time her lips, mouth, and cheeks have morphed into the vacuum array for maximum push n’ pull effect all the while with her pinkie pointed up! So classy!!

We have featured just about every curve that ladies have to offer with the glorious exception of a newcomer to our industry…I have only seen this lady backstage, but this little darling has notwithstanding the most perfect specimen of lady-hood around. Please notice how physically fit she is…as pronounced with the pertness of her figure. This lady resembles a professional trainer with muscles rippling everywhere. We certainly want to welcome “The Divine Ms. F” to our site so everyone reading should write “Hello Ms F.” or something in the divine nature of goddesses that she is!

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