And Introducing the models with the most-est…

Hello again my friends! And again, like always we want to thank you for stopping by to feast your eyes upon several of the models that we feature on our site here at Da’ Place! First up is  one of the most delightful derrieres we’ve had the pleasure of staring at! Fact of the matter is that it is not just that bum that is so perfect; notice if you will, the crevice in the small of her back sometimes referred to as the swayback is darn near at a 90° angle so imagine those dimples! And that zipper is lovely!

We are so totally into  Natalie below we really aren’t quite sure that she has been featured on this site or not. But, as long as we are ALL staring at her, let’s focus on her long, ever-so long legs, while at the same time gaze into her magnificent face.

Then again why even post anything about models when in fact, it is Barbara that lends us so much inspiration. This Lil’ Lady come one of the newest
Victoria Secret‘smodels is simply magnificent! She has a sense of humor that could make Job laugh

and her early success has not begun to go to her head.

All we intend to say about the “stunner” below is that she’s apparently enjoying more than that burger with her delectable gorgeous appointments.We did however want to make mention of the Carl’s Jr. Star…and look at where he is looking!

Just below is Tatiana L. who is perhaps one of the most sought after models these days. Her entire unit just oozes sensuality!

Very much the same with Emily — who is just below. Some ladies simply wear clothes. And then there are those who not only wear clothes but do so in such a way that it is no wonder our word for model is based on the French,mannequin.

This next featurette was sent to me by a friend who is originally from Colombia, and as such I assured her that I would post this and see what the guys had to say, so c’mon guys get louder!

Just Rosie…nothing needs to be said with the exception that Rosie is purrfect!


Thank you so much for hangin’ out with me and us. The couple is far too at it for us to interrupt them. It sure is a great shot though!

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