Just a bit for EVERYONE!

Milk buns

We don’t really know what it is about Barbara whose just below sporting what we believe is the newest line of fine lingerie from

who else but Victoria’s Secret

This is one of our longest known model friends. Isn’t she just well-proportioned to the inth degree? What definitely amazes

me about Alina is how in the universe did she get that great shadow between her lovely cheeks?

We just wonder around here if this gorgeous model  just hangs out like this? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful, classy, and fine?

I swear it is models like her that give inspiration to those who may find it a little cold on mornings for running!

The One_Vladmire C_Trump

As for me, the photograph just below is not only fashion, but makes a reliable account of our society as well. Having said that

there isn’t nor does it imply anything wrong with society. I love the picture inasmuch as what it says about eroticism,

nature, the feminine form, and her accessories — the Kuffs.

and becomes the rose

Yes indeed! This is one of the photos that we’ve featured here that is just below. I realize that there are a lot of times

that I use the expression, “…oh! Have a look at those ASS DIMPLES…! These are the dimples located about 2 inches below

the waistline, on the posterior aspect of the woman’s body. Ironically, not all women have them — perhaps the

same as all men aren’t hung like horses! No Ass Dimples have to do with the physical fitness and especially a woman’s posture.

Every now and then it seems that no one can get the job done quite the you do — enough said.

from carsten

I have met and worked with the lovely model below. As for me this is the quintessential shot! Notice her pleated skirt drapped just over 

the blue lace ruffled petticoat and up top all she is wearing is some kind of navy blue easy like T-shirt. But overall what 

does it for me in this photo are of course her shoes! Next only to her panties!


Just a bit of movement up top that I’ve tried to fit in somewhere. But below is one of the best, nicest, friendliest, common sense, and most 

sought after models I know. She is Alina and she is famous! She spends her winter’s in the Caribbean and at times the Figi Islands, then when the

swim suit season has really ended for models, it’s off to Paris, Lyon, and Milan for her salaciously seductive lingerie shoots intermixed with 

new fashioned entire swimlines.


This photo (below) is on this page because I love the model, her friendship is everything to me…she’s relatively new to the business and I feel as though

she has a future in this tough business. She looks as though she is wearing a pleated tunic from her early days at Parocical School — yet more importantly

look at her lines, she is exquisite!



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