Share the Quality of these Gorgeous Ladies


One could even ask why, but better is how?

mvCgpI  must readily admit when I know I am just plain out of my league. I believe that sweet, sweet time is now — given the professionalism of these model’s however and moreover, the “certain” genius of photographers these days.

btQjYSeriously…our model above is really modeling the Tie she draps around her magnificently toned up unit. One could even ask (as I am sure this photo is well done at…) provided modeling for the Tie, her fishnet hose, as well as her shoes.lady in red

But who can out do this perfectly and anatomically correct female in all of her glory?

I really must openly admit that this delightful creation in photography still has me going every which way — with compliments! To me this lady looks perfect, and I have no doubt that she is.

This is the delectablely fine Roxy who just seems to mystify the earth.

I really hope you have enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed collecting and in some small cases, actually know or have met the models. There exists a real dynamic amoungst all the ladies. But then that is what fashion is all aboust as we feel all the styles are ready and all of the model’s are set then W-H-A-M it will again be time for new faces and styles that rock!Diamond Brilliant


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