Exotic International’s

 Diamond Brilliant

Just a few site changes. starting with just above that I call “Diamonds Encrusted in Gold”

announcing our ladies (models, actresses). Much more later folks, ole’ WP is having its own way!



Gabby Diaz

Up top is one of my most respected colleagues – she is also a Gabby however she prefers Gabriela

elina sveltova

Here up top we have Elina who is sensationally STUNNING! I am not altogether certain if there will ever be enough pics of Elina!


Above just happens to be one of the most sought after models in the business. Her name is Taylor, but professionally she is Taylor Marie Hill. Tell me know, are you mesmerized by her overall looks? From her head and gorgeous face, to her ample breasts and washboard tummy, and then there are Taylor’s legs! 

been together

Many of our regulars have seen this photo before inasmuch as it is one of my personal favorites. You know…some ladies have a bum, but this lady has a beautiful bum!


Just below is one of my All Time faves of a wonderful and lovely lady

very dedicated to modeling — Emily — who as I am sure our observers’

know and that is Emily has been featured on this site almost regularly.




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