Getting into the Spirit

This post for me is the feast of the finest! It seems to me that every female creature is in their naturalists of poses while looking very stunning!

marata myerer

Even the ladies snapping ‘selfies’ just look wonderfully kept and fit as fiddles.



Seriously now, the gorgeous model above from her stunning a$$, and legs that are perfectly formed, upwards along her beautiful back to her ample breasts with long arms perfect hands and I’ll be staring at her big blue eyes for years!

Jullian Kissinger2

 Which is a wondering, wonderful testament to the human perfection just up above…She is Jullian Kissinger, yet please look at all of her assets. I could not find a thing wrong with her! Her bum is a blessing, with a flat tight tummy, ample breasts, and a smile to die for.

Maybe Penny

The super lady up top makes me want to say, “Allow me to adjust that big Red S on your chest!


Rachel Cook is the jaw dropping model up top. Even to this day I still feel that she is Puurrffeecctt! One day whilst on Twitter, she was discussing who would be a number 1 guy for her. Hell, there were names like Ryan Gosling, Jake G., and a few others…who do you think she’d pair up well with?


Who else but the bombshell Barbara? This photo must be like five year old, and surprisingly, she looks even better!

Alexandra M factor chicago



This lady has been featured on this site so many times…she’s  lina posada


Perhaps a better gaze at Jullian Kissinger I think she’s AWESOME!


Simply stunning!




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