About the Writer

I know that it is very, very important to make sure that this blurb about me is accurate and easy on the eyes.  This blog, Simpleminds, was created for enjoyment. I enjoy some aspects of politics; the real deal science, art, and philosophy of politics; furthermore, I like to be in the now with current events, news and journalism; however, if I were to limit my life to the full time appeasement of current events I fear I would become a very cranky individual. 

Therefore Simpleminds was created for relaxation and to be able to remove myself from the everyday horrors of current events. It is here that I stop to consider the things that I truly enjoy in life and to either write about them or to somehow relate these issues to you in an artistic way. At times it just seems that the simpler things are the more enjoyment I get out of them.  

I am transfixed by a great photograph. I love the arts for it is in the arts that I believe humankind is separated from the rest of the animal kingdom. I also feel that images—drawings, photographs, or any combination thereof—can be the most influential media we engage on a daily basis. Most importantly, I feel that images somehow interact with all facets of our lives. Welcome to Simpleminds!


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