Let’s Give this a Go!!


You betcha! We featured this wonder-angel the last time we posted. She is without a doubt the most spectacular lady I’ve seen in life! Her name is Rachel C.


Just below is a straight on portrait of Rachel C. Being as fair as I know how this class act of a charming lady doesn’t have so much as a blemish! 


I was the recipient of this shot...thank you, Carsten!


And in all your gathering, do it with a mindful heart admitting to yourself that I just can’t live without one!


Ms.Ekatrina Zueva compliments of Carsten again 


And here she is again…stunning with a different environment caught with just her lingerie.

ekatrina Zueva22.jpg

Can you scream “bootay!” as loud as you can?


Featured previously, just below is Ms. Ward who must be from heaven.

Britany Ward_medium_landscape

What is the fantasy about a young lady eating an apple?

Victoria Swansata




Spring is in the air

Who Needs a Reason?

Who Needs a Reason?


I learned this indelible expression of “Who Needs a Reason,” some time ago when I received a gift of gorgeous flowers from a wonderful friend. So I asked him why, and he very comfortably said, Who needs a reason when it comes to doing nice things.


I believe those who are truly comfortable with their assets are not afraid to show or even tantalize with them.


This is, of course, one of those photos that one simply must adore. This lady from eyes to fingernails to ass dimples really has this pose to a “T.”


This is quite the quintessential art direction. What do you think?


Yes indeed this model has been featured on this site in the past. I never thought a one time shot would ever come to define a person’s career. Yet there are those days when someone sees the ppuurrffeecctt you.


Of all the people that I, in particular, sought some much more from really has turned out to be quite a last action hero. Being all nice and cordial I actually loved her in The Bling Ring and especially Perks of Being a Wallflower; however, this sordid lot from the U.N. has missed on all fronts and I think that is because she’s just not believable! Oh yes, Chanel dress, and Chanel panties, she also wore Chanel pumps.


This lady is the newest queen of my heart! Her name is Rachel C.  and one can find her repped by l.a.  models, however, she is actually from the Seattle area. Rachel befriended me over at Twitter and she is quite the lady – through and thru. I went so far as to contact the folks at Victoria’s Secret to grace our eyes with her presence.


This model below is perhaps the best national resource secret from Brazil, but all things being equal she’s actually Italian.


And once again, by special demand another soon to be “Super” she is my friend Penny who also befriended me over at Twitter.


Could anyone ask for better-looking friends?


Because it’s Summer!

Because it’s Summer


Therefore naturally we would like to start with out best.


Someone anyone please tell us her name, yep! Below

barbra palvin

The greatest of all time, or maybe it’s that I’ve had a gurl-crush on her since she graced our pages…

Britany Ward_medium_landscape

Always a classic! If there was a model I could introduce to anyone, it would probably be her!

and becomes the rose

Eww! I think she’s in Rio ∨⇓

anna chernova

A lady who takes care of and loves her body!

Inessa scen

Received this one of my friend “Penn” in an email I think she’s perfect

Penny ‏@PennyGaelira  Apr 30

I have been just too hesitant about posting this one primarily because she looks so young; but standing in with a fan up the booty and those boobs! Well…

girl and fan


valentina grishco

And her too!

Paige Hathaway2

Penny2 from Twiter

My friend “Penn”

victoria son

I think she has a double-jointed waist or hips; where is the water coming from?


Some long lasting friends, and a NEW one!



It took a lot of gutz, or “you’re so HOT” for this photo below to even be taken. I know this lady model and for her it is just hard work and pride.

Only Penny

With this shot I was trying to show different types of perfection…⇓


Just below is the same model as the younger lady in photo #2 just gracing us with some of her assets…


Below is the (almost!) full-rig of above and #2



The above shot, for me is quantum-perfection…what a gorgeous shot and this is nothing new to her.

perfect 1- ass

Does it get anymore beautiful? What an a$$!

Olga Estupinian

I am positive that those regulars who visit this site frequently could not help but notice my dear friend, Olga – I swear she is ageless!






Exotic International’s

 Diamond Brilliant

Just a few site changes. starting with just above that I call “Diamonds Encrusted in Gold”

announcing our ladies (models, actresses). Much more later folks, ole’ WP is having its own way!



Gabby Diaz

Up top is one of my most respected colleagues – she is also a Gabby however she prefers Gabriela

elina sveltova

Here up top we have Elina who is sensationally STUNNING! I am not altogether certain if there will ever be enough pics of Elina!


Above just happens to be one of the most sought after models in the business. Her name is Taylor, but professionally she is Taylor Marie Hill. Tell me know, are you mesmerized by her overall looks? From her head and gorgeous face, to her ample breasts and washboard tummy, and then there are Taylor’s legs! 

been together

Many of our regulars have seen this photo before inasmuch as it is one of my personal favorites. You know…some ladies have a bum, but this lady has a beautiful bum!


Just below is one of my All Time faves of a wonderful and lovely lady

very dedicated to modeling — Emily — who as I am sure our observers’

know and that is Emily has been featured on this site almost regularly.




Some Season’s never Change!


With the greatest of respect to everyone who reads, gazes, or stares at this site, absolutely nothing need be said about our wonderfully proportioned model below.

2 simpleminds

And who couldn’t possibly adore or simply fascinate with the gorgeous model pictured below?

4 simp;eminds1

And as far as Allie L. goes (pictured below) the shot really reminded me of the quintessential model saying, “Oh all in a days work, just lounging around in my panties.”


I hope nobody minds — but what models do indeed love is when the viewer goes beyond the spatial look and wants to hear how it is when the audience says something as, “One sure can tell that this model is in shape! Notice how her skin (right cheek) seems to be pushing back against her very hand!”


As for me, I love…loovvee this below photograph. I wouldn’t have a clue what the fashion director said, or how the photographer got the model ready for the shot but the detail is exquisite!


This below photo has been featured before here on Simpleminds — however, there is a magnificent message that is being produced!


Same with the great A$$ pose below. I just feel that some extraordinary and magnificent shots be reviewed from time to time.



Until next time…kick back and enjoy!!


Share the Quality of these Gorgeous Ladies


One could even ask why, but better is how?

mvCgpI  must readily admit when I know I am just plain out of my league. I believe that sweet, sweet time is now — given the professionalism of these model’s however and moreover, the “certain” genius of photographers these days.

btQjYSeriously…our model above is really modeling the Tie she draps around her magnificently toned up unit. One could even ask (as I am sure this photo is well done at…) provided modeling for the Tie, her fishnet hose, as well as her shoes.lady in red

But who can out do this perfectly and anatomically correct female in all of her glory?

I really must openly admit that this delightful creation in photography still has me going every which way — with compliments! To me this lady looks perfect, and I have no doubt that she is.

This is the delectablely fine Roxy who just seems to mystify the earth.

I really hope you have enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed collecting and in some small cases, actually know or have met the models. There exists a real dynamic amoungst all the ladies. But then that is what fashion is all aboust as we feel all the styles are ready and all of the model’s are set then W-H-A-M it will again be time for new faces and styles that rock!Diamond Brilliant