Because it’s Summer!

Because it’s Summer


Therefore naturally we would like to start with out best.


Someone anyone please tell us her name, yep! Below

barbra palvin

The greatest of all time, or maybe it’s that I’ve had a gurl-crush on her since she graced our pages…

Britany Ward_medium_landscape

Always a classic! If there was a model I could introduce to anyone, it would probably be her!

and becomes the rose

Eww! I think she’s in Rio ∨⇓

anna chernova

A lady who takes care of and loves her body!

Inessa scen

Received this one of my friend “Penn” in an email I think she’s perfect

Penny ‏@PennyGaelira  Apr 30

I have been just too hesitant about posting this one primarily because she looks so young; but standing in with a fan up the booty and those boobs! Well…

girl and fan


valentina grishco

And her too!

Paige Hathaway2

Penny2 from Twiter

My friend “Penn”

victoria son

I think she has a double-jointed waist or hips; where is the water coming from?


How do you like this..?

Okay ladies and gents, we’re now into the year 2009 and I really must apologize for my not posting nearly enough this month. Ah! Heck with it already; this site is supposed to be as the name and by-line suggest: Simpleminds: Kickin’ it, Mind dump, Relax, Chill, and Enjoy the Site is what this site is about.

However and I must admit that 2009 has thus far been far busier than I anticipated. Mind you, there are enough female and male profiles on this site to keep a person busy for months!

First we were able to end the year 2008 with a massive display of bronze bombshells and others from   Brazil. Actually we ran nothing but Brazil in the last 6 to 9 postings. I thoroughly enjoyed the endeavor and we only just barely scratched the surface of those ‘Ladies from Brazil.’


Mss. Stewart

It is alleged (we hold no position whatsoever) that the pictured actress (Kris Stewart) made fashion headlines, albeit, good or bad by wearing this dress to one of the many openings of the film “Twilight.”

We ask for you opinion in the following ways:

1) Is there anything wrong with the selection?

2) How is the cut and ‘flow’ on Ms. Stewart?

3) If anything, do you feel that there is anything wrong with her dress?

4) All things being equal, again this was worn to a movie premier where most attend in jeans.

Fashion Experts…please weigh-in on this short topic for us….we are quite confused.huge-kris3

Just some background, Kristen Stewart, (Panic Room, Land of Women, Messangers, Twilight) is wearing a short, one-shouldered Balenciaga dress in red, white, and grey with a small sash almost of burgundy.

In Los Angeles, California, better yet, Hollweird, where “fashion” falls second to hair, make-up, and other unmentionables ad nauseum we certainly wouldn’t take their words for anything to save our own lives.

In fact, several online tabloids crucified Kris Stewart with having bad fashion taste. What makes this interesting in in the notion of the reader’s who wrote comments; and, as at the time of this writing the score stood at 99% great, awesome to 1% negative. Again, please share with us, how you feel. Thank you.

Here’s looking at ya’

melanie-nunes-fronckowiak-saiba-bomVery recently in just about every country I can think of we all are asked to celebrate in and with The World’s Lovliest Behinds, or the now famous The World’s Best Butt/Buttocks Award sponsored by Sloggi, a division of the lingerie giant, Triumph International.

Well it seems as though there are several ‘World’s Greatest’ bums out there, basically almost by country. Nonetheless, we’re going to give our level best effort to show some of the winners–hey, we’re even thinking about featuring a male!

So from Paris, to Munich, to Rominia, and even a few from here in the good old U.S.A., if you like the human form especially female derrieres…we hope you’ll enjoy this presentation.munich-kristina

You know…for the longest time–I think since birth or somewhere close to it–I have been enamored with the female buttocks. Don’t ask me why because I simply don’t know why. And I might add that most of my girlfriends are the same way…meaning, that they also enjoy the female derrière as well.

It’s not like all of us don’t like men’s behinds, because we do! It’s just a matter of variety, texture, shape I believe that makes women’s butts more enamouring than males’ butts. I don’t mean to be rude or otherwise, but you just don’t get that sense that there is a great deal of variety in men’s assess; do you?

perfect-buttRecently in conversations with some lady friends it was disclosed ad infinitum, that one could tell more about a female person–personally, physically, emotionally,  just about every personality characteristic by just checking out the constructs of her butt.

So what do you folks think? I’m setting up a poll and it would be very cool if you could share on it. By the way, I’ve been meaning to give some “shout outs” to some folks who’ve been writing comments and participating in this venture. Without further ado. . .

THANK YOU Bill a.k.a. pulsar our latest poster; THANK YOU Ray a.k.a. jungleroy, of course a big Shout Out and THANK YOU to  John a.k.a. 1Madman and again to Sophia for being so lovely, all the time, I swear the girl does not know how to be in a bad mood.

THANK YOU AND HELLO to my friends and colleagues at The Fashion Model Directory, as well22-jyoyy3-thumb-360-0-192 as, “Hey B.W., are you ever going to add me to your blogroll? And of course why even mention anyone if one couldn’t SHOUT OUT! and say Hello to my friends at, and lest we ever forget the one, the true “As Never Seen on T.V., the Model’s blog; And then BIG KISSES AND HUGS to: Zyana, Jules, Callie, Tarden, Stuart, BW, Carsden, the great folks at, and Cendres, Paulo, Gary, and Amy, Kim, Zoe, and the other Zoe D., and of course, you know who you are. . . Heather, Rachel, Darla, and my bud…Elisha.

As for The One’s to Watch in ol’ ‘down-under’ Oz, I still don’t think it’s appropriate to charge ME a membership fee, but I just love what you folks are doing…just remember I was with you when…when you dreamt HUGE, got set-up and hopefully inspired you to go after your dreams, a big CONGRATS!


All of the gorgeous ‘heart-shaped’, firm, well-managed, purrfffeeecccttttt bums above were also contestants in the pageantry albeit shot from backstage or preliminary rounds. How many are male, female, or ‘it.’

With a drumroll please……Winners are in the upper left: Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak (Brazil) and Saiba (France); Munich winner Kristina Dimitriova, a friend in pink, and to the right is the All Time Winner for Romania…”Perfect Butt.” Thanks to Sloggi and Triumph for having this contest!

We’ve Known all Along!

Yep! This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Australian ladies have long been the one’s in the front. Just think of Olivia Newton-John doing that singer to ‘Grease thing with John Travolta. If one were to critically review just ‘Liv’s’ impact on history we’d have to: ‘Just get Physical’ on our way to ‘Xanadu’ whilst stopping at every ‘Koala Blue’ store and buy our Aussie regalia with Ken Done art and writing. Olivia, who started out as a model, moved to Malibu, California in the very early 1980s with preset dates to return to Australia several times a year.

Which I find by the way, to be inherent in every Aussie I’ve ever known. “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but…” Precisely the same with this mob. They have a patriotism that lasts; they have a very unique since of pride in themselves and in their country. This was clearly demonstrated in the 2000 Olympiad, particular during their shows in the opening cermonies and the closing, and hell, everything day and event in between.

Therefore, one can take the Aussie out of Australia, but you’ll never be able to take the “Australia out of the Aussie.” Here….let’s see some names, think of our reactions, then look at the pictures, shall we?

So then what comes to your mind when you think of Elle MacPherson? For me, I think of success from the ground up! Elle is no small human being! What does one do when after adolescence one is the tallest female or maybe the entire student body at the local Australian high school? 

Elle has gone on to a reasonably good acting career, good or bad film, we all went….fingers crossed! Now after the kids and family life, Elle still is very active in Elle’s Intimates.

Just as “In the beginning there was ‘Olivia and Elle’ tradition continued with Lisa Seiffert and Alyssa Sutherland, both seen on the Vogue Magazine cover (at left).

So what about the ‘new guard’?

Well first we need to examine and appreciate those fine felines who came, conquered, and kicked-butt, before the ultimate new…ladies like Fabienne and Miranda Kerr and Adele McClain who are genuine showstopper’s!  Now my friends who really care for the female form and what’s going on in the world of fashion…between Brazil and Southeastern European ladies Australian ladies have just about RULED the CATWALK with their newest delights.

There are so many, perhaps starting with one of the most sought after models today and of all time: Ms. Gemma Ward:

Diazas! Perhaps there are others who are just as in demand albeit, for other areas of modeling say, beauty, glamour, parts or the entire package? First up  have the unequalled and unparalleled Elyse T. featured on the cover of Bazaar Magazine and a portfolio shot.       

There are just too many young upcoming stars, I will do one short post later to feature them…CHEERS!

The author, contributors, and webmistress wish to thank the great folks over at The Fashion Model Directory for the use of some famous photographs. Everyone should take the time and visit them; it will take the better part of a week exploring, yet, a year or more going through those databases!



Second Kiss BETTER than the first?

2008_03_10_love_ice1.jpgThis is an entire new effort insofar as a couple of things caught my mind the last time we visited the true sentiment of KISSINGOne, I never really looked at it this way before, but I may have some kind of kissing hang-up or fetish; or perhaps the more accurate, there is not too much more I can possibly think of that is more simple, steamy, sexy, tasty, and outright wholesome than a simple KISS.

Far be it from me, so let’s just look at the master’s:  This is of course from the famous Rodin’s The Kiss actually completed in 1888 in it’srodins-the-kiss.jpg rudimentary form a small relief of porcelain. Please see Rodin’s (pronounced ro-dan) mini bio here.

Now then I have never been an advocate for using any of the Wiki’s as valid source citations for academic research; therefore, I just recommended this Wiki site insofar as it does contain some reasonable dates, facts, and insights into this incredible artist’s life. It is a short read and anyone with any culture or is desirous of learning some absolutely magnificent issues, please then, this is a must read.

So please, don’t mind me, I just have this academic integrity thing after years of educating; and if your teachers or professors do not want you using Wikipedia, then don’t!  However, on the other hand, at a different cite I learned that Rodin intentionally neverintoit.jpg has the lovers lips meet! I know I’ve written on this before vis-a-vie the erotic nature of the ‘close as possible without actually touching, pre-kiss’ either as a base for anticipation growing, or another way of looking at this would be to wonder if these two were interrupted?

_resized.jpgAnd then again we must take time for any and all practice we can get, don’t you think? There are so many ways of getting that much needed practice makes perfect’ style that makes for so much delight.

Just look at this beautiful model on the left who is engaging is the simple act of eating. Damn! No…double damn!! What a way to perfect tongue technique and not only for kissing! (At left is Emily.)

Now for a weekly montage—nothing in any specific order, just some delightful depictions along the way. Oops! Sorry again, my bad here. We will be getting back to our perusal of the fantastic feminine form by country soon. So if my friends in Brazil and Czechoslovakia and Poland, and of course the Scandinavia’s can enjoy the kissing of the moment, I say “Thank you.” (bottom right: only April could wear that dress!)

images.jpg                                 kissing_just-the-one.jpg





How Can a Kiss Ever Become Mundane?

the-kiss1.jpgAnd Lord have mercy, please let me never experience a day when that ‘kiss’ is from my best friend, friend, acquaintance, or the one who shares the marvelous magic of when two lover’s are joined lip to lip ever become mundane.

It’s not like I go around 24/7 thinking about kissing; well, maybe 20/7 because so much can be learned, enjoyed, enhanced, enthralled, and ecstaticized, that the entirety of life changes with something so innocent as the sweet touch of the lips.a-kiss-part-deux.jpg

In reality I don’t care when it is either…before work when my loved one is still dozing peacefully in our bed; or if its early morning after a night of pure unadulterated raging, dancing, romancing, somehow when we kiss another person some kind of magic happens, it’s some kind of wonderful!

kisspix2.jpgWho can really explain this delicious dessert? How could anyone explain that just the thought of kissing someone after dinner out, or meeting up at the café for coffee and sweets, which makes my heart pound as though it’s coming through my chest? People! We are talking about the thought’ of kissing.

Who could possibly understand what the hell is going on when we meet that ‘someone’ we know we just long to kiss? Some call it ‘chemistry;’ others, believe it the pheromones. Assweet-kiss.jpg for me, a kiss is so divine, so impeccably perfect that if it’s all the same—I’d just as soon be lost in “that place” where I think it is just a slice of heaven that nothing can disturberate! I am sure that practicing is quite okay…don’t you? 10449_t2.jpg

And far be it from me…but what is ‘IT’ that makes two ladies kissing so over-the-top gorgeous and sexy?