Share the Quality of these Gorgeous Ladies


One could even ask why, but better is how?

mvCgpI  must readily admit when I know I am just plain out of my league. I believe that sweet, sweet time is now — given the professionalism of these model’s however and moreover, the “certain” genius of photographers these days.

btQjYSeriously…our model above is really modeling the Tie she draps around her magnificently toned up unit. One could even ask (as I am sure this photo is well done at…) provided modeling for the Tie, her fishnet hose, as well as her shoes.lady in red

But who can out do this perfectly and anatomically correct female in all of her glory?

I really must openly admit that this delightful creation in photography still has me going every which way — with compliments! To me this lady looks perfect, and I have no doubt that she is.

This is the delectablely fine Roxy who just seems to mystify the earth.

I really hope you have enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed collecting and in some small cases, actually know or have met the models. There exists a real dynamic amoungst all the ladies. But then that is what fashion is all aboust as we feel all the styles are ready and all of the model’s are set then W-H-A-M it will again be time for new faces and styles that rock!Diamond Brilliant


Ohhhh, Ahhh, Those Ladies of the World


This has indeed been an experiment in trying new out new formats with photo sizing, having made preset slides only to find the test out of of fine models and the constant merging of one to another that the entire mess was about to make me sick! So even after publishing several different formats I decided on the proverbial rule: Just let the models shine and do this as simply as possible. Below is the unmistakable up and coming…and I bet soon to be a superstar is Barbara.

I believe I am more than familar with the stunner below with the
Ice Cream, however, it would be a disservice to take a lick and try and make a guess
for it. Suffice it to say that she sure knows wtf she’s doing all right!

And all things being equal our model above in the raven dark panties with the red lace and long, long legs is a sight to behold! Clearly for her it is the lingerie that is impeccably well-fitting and her seamed hose transcending those infamous legs that draws the attention to her fine perfectly pout ass.

Up above I could only name the photograph insofar as I still don’t recognize the model, no matter how cute she is with those lips ready for a kiss and her pert-ness…I just dubbed the photograph “coming down” with apparently what she’s up too with her hands. And below in the brilliant blue cami-set and perfectly buffed body is so stunning and into the shoot it seems as though she may be coming apart in some other areas.

Would you believe the amount of messages, comments, and literal pleas that we get from those of you who are ‘breast people.’ Without any further adieu, the lovely little punkin’ struttin’ the runway as giggily as possible is my treat to those of you who have respected our goings on about bums, long legs, abs, just like the ‘lady in black’ above. So here you are my friends…perhaps the best rack around!!

This unbelievable model is giving a real lesson on the art of popsicle pleasure. Notice ladies the moving back motion with her hand while at the same time her lips, mouth, and cheeks have morphed into the vacuum array for maximum push n’ pull effect all the while with her pinkie pointed up! So classy!!

We have featured just about every curve that ladies have to offer with the glorious exception of a newcomer to our industry…I have only seen this lady backstage, but this little darling has notwithstanding the most perfect specimen of lady-hood around. Please notice how physically fit she is…as pronounced with the pertness of her figure. This lady resembles a professional trainer with muscles rippling everywhere. We certainly want to welcome “The Divine Ms. F” to our site so everyone reading should write “Hello Ms F.” or something in the divine nature of goddesses that she is!

Opportunities abound..!

Please say hello to Holly! She’s wearing one of those bikini’s that usually have an image of a living animal on them — lions, big cats, and some birds are very popular insofar as given the material and of course a body like Holly’s every movement she makes will help whatever animal come alive!

Far be it from me, but the very, very young model just below this writing is from South Africa. Believe it or not she’s participating in a contest — some of the contests have sponsor’s like Maxim or in this particular case this contest is put on by FHM Only magazine actually in Sweden. 

I find this of great interest insofar as here we have a young high school graduate under contract by a tiny agency in “way-out-there” So. Africa while a Swedish magazine well-known here and around the world is featuring her as well as 20 more models per week just in the opening round.

We absolutely love these kinds of images that are literally art. On the one hand some fine imagination combining two wine glasses fashioned after wonderfully appointed lingerie.

 Same with the image just left. Cleavage has always been perhaps one of the most oft exposed parts of the female anatomy. Throughout histroy artists, dress-makers, haberdasher’s, and especially Victoria’s Secret has made an absolute fortune featuring the cleavage — however big or small, deep or shallow, defined and with one’s hair properly done can drive a person crazy.                                                                                    

The model below I’ve known for ions! I think she started awhile before me something like a definite “child wonder-model” and therefore, I have actually grown up with this person; through every pimple, zit, whatever, we’ve seen Sarah through several growth stages since she was a little darlin’. Moreover, in simple model talk this lady R-O-C-K-S!

I’d just like to add a couple more images that I like and I hope that you do too. First is…you guess it! Black and white image and very easy to Id — so please Id her, thank you.

And I hope you like these as well. 










Relax and enjoy…

eugeniaThis is one of those times where we’re dropping anything remotely thematic.

Please don’t get me wrong here…most of the time working within the parameters of a theme albeit, nations or designers, or models and sensuality is really much easier because of those very guidelines.

However just as variety is indeed the spice of life, so is featuring a plethora of God’s creation and with it…some  attitude!

So please slide onto a chair, curl-up, or just kick back and enjoy his loving handiwork. One of the _croppedreasons we’ve decided to go without a theme this week is that we’ve collected more succulent and salious photography than we would ever be able to handle otherwise.

Not to be misunderstood, every shot we use here at Simpleminds comes from either the models own portfolio, or from a representative who is the title holder of the photograph. This example would be very characteristic of an advertising firm or manufacturer’s of the actual textiles used in the ad.

Of course it’s time for some introductions: At top left is Eugenia who is from Belarus; immediately right is perhaps the most oft seen model on this site including two of her own features and some other fabulous, Divinely inspired work is Kim C. from Canada.

Sometimes we like to feature just a single model and I think next time we do….it’s going to be ‘Pampita Ardohain’ from Argentina.  In all seriousness, we get a lot of requests for her.petra       

Over there on the right is not only a Supermodel, but also a Wonder Woman. We’ve shared the horrific stories of Petra N. on several different occasions, but gosh! Isn’t she just a sight for one’s eyes?


Would you say this is a “Beer-Belly”? 


Czech your eyes again..twice!

22_kristina_jarosovaEach week that our collective minds put together a scheme of arrangement or in the art world let’s say, a theme as supported by our design, layout, and onward to publication.

And every week we always end up with more than what we started with. It goes something like this: We would like to feature five to eight ladies on this site per publication. So in preparation we begin by going to various agencies, magazines, and of course our favorite sites in05_kristina_jarosova the fashion business.

All would be for not if it wasn’t for sites like The Fashion Model Directory; modelsblog, As Never Seen on TV; the fashion spot; bwgreyscale, and then the corporate giants such as and any one of the supporting sites whose product we may be featuring or the particular agency we are working with to get the latest in model activity.

So when we start it’s like let’s do this country___________, and let’s feature 5 to 8 models from the country and at times we may want to show Fall and Winter fashions, then follow that with Spring and Summer designs with an attempt to keep up with fashion.

One issue everyone should know about by now is that fashion works at hyper-speed, meaning the shows that are being presented now during “Fashion Week” the world over are those that will become available next Autumn and Winter!

010_helena_hudova_bookSo if you can imagine it being Spring to Summer these models are actually working in the Summer but wearing winter clothing. Same goes the opposite way…you really must know that when the models are doing fabulous beach shots it’s not unlikely that what you’re seeing is done in a closed studio and it may be snowing outside!

Then again there are those times when everything is current; so when we see these magnificent 015_helena_hudova_bookladies all tanned, buffed, with hardly anything on coupled with the exotic location that really is happening as well. Those are the models’ dreams if one can tolerate sand fleas, other airborne beasts given to jungle flight and this is out of the water!

Helena, (blond up left, and lacy chiffon right) is a classic example of this. She has been in the upper 25 Top Models for at least 10 years, yet nothing has ever stopped her from doing everything she enjoys in life–like having children!

There is another evaluation that needs to made about Czechoslovakian models. I don’t know if it’s genetic, something in the water, or just good ol’ country living for most. Like I said, I don’t know what it is…

eva_herzigova1Czech models seem to have a staying power that is just about unequaled in fashion and the modeling business. Even after they’ve had their ‘little one’s’ (children) these women come back in record time normally doing a few photo shoots with their new children as “super-baby models.”

Another Czech who is in the Top 10 international models, is Eva H., who started young, got major prominence very early (15-16 yrs old) shot to the top (18-20 yrs old) and has managed a full-time career two children and hubby! Furthermore Eva was one of the original Guess? models.


Okay then we’ve decided to feature some other awesome Czech models who have made their individual marks on all of us here, and especially me, your host, paula castle. Here goes….

125734tfs  90_olga_serova_book000000041022-eva_herzigova-fullsize9-daniela_pestova21veronica-varekovajana-knauerovamartinasukupova20


End of Year Madness!!!

Our good friends:

Thank you all so very, very much for spending time with us, here at  Simpleminds during the dynamic year of 2008!

Our goal for 2009 is to just get better at what we do! Heck, if we had it our way we would be pleasing everyone, or all of the people, all of the time; and to this end we will continue with our level best to be better, more enlightening, and contiually bringing you the female form that enchants us all.

Until next post we want to wish you a very, very Happy New Year!!  With Compliments,


We’ve Known all Along!

Yep! This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Australian ladies have long been the one’s in the front. Just think of Olivia Newton-John doing that singer to ‘Grease thing with John Travolta. If one were to critically review just ‘Liv’s’ impact on history we’d have to: ‘Just get Physical’ on our way to ‘Xanadu’ whilst stopping at every ‘Koala Blue’ store and buy our Aussie regalia with Ken Done art and writing. Olivia, who started out as a model, moved to Malibu, California in the very early 1980s with preset dates to return to Australia several times a year.

Which I find by the way, to be inherent in every Aussie I’ve ever known. “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but…” Precisely the same with this mob. They have a patriotism that lasts; they have a very unique since of pride in themselves and in their country. This was clearly demonstrated in the 2000 Olympiad, particular during their shows in the opening cermonies and the closing, and hell, everything day and event in between.

Therefore, one can take the Aussie out of Australia, but you’ll never be able to take the “Australia out of the Aussie.” Here….let’s see some names, think of our reactions, then look at the pictures, shall we?

So then what comes to your mind when you think of Elle MacPherson? For me, I think of success from the ground up! Elle is no small human being! What does one do when after adolescence one is the tallest female or maybe the entire student body at the local Australian high school? 

Elle has gone on to a reasonably good acting career, good or bad film, we all went….fingers crossed! Now after the kids and family life, Elle still is very active in Elle’s Intimates.

Just as “In the beginning there was ‘Olivia and Elle’ tradition continued with Lisa Seiffert and Alyssa Sutherland, both seen on the Vogue Magazine cover (at left).

So what about the ‘new guard’?

Well first we need to examine and appreciate those fine felines who came, conquered, and kicked-butt, before the ultimate new…ladies like Fabienne and Miranda Kerr and Adele McClain who are genuine showstopper’s!  Now my friends who really care for the female form and what’s going on in the world of fashion…between Brazil and Southeastern European ladies Australian ladies have just about RULED the CATWALK with their newest delights.

There are so many, perhaps starting with one of the most sought after models today and of all time: Ms. Gemma Ward:

Diazas! Perhaps there are others who are just as in demand albeit, for other areas of modeling say, beauty, glamour, parts or the entire package? First up  have the unequalled and unparalleled Elyse T. featured on the cover of Bazaar Magazine and a portfolio shot.       

There are just too many young upcoming stars, I will do one short post later to feature them…CHEERS!

The author, contributors, and webmistress wish to thank the great folks over at The Fashion Model Directory for the use of some famous photographs. Everyone should take the time and visit them; it will take the better part of a week exploring, yet, a year or more going through those databases!