“Then there was Music and Wonderful roses… they tell me



in sweet fragrant meadows of dawn..and you...

floral arrangement

This can only be a short tribute to a woman with the deepest of hearts. She does more of those simple-acts-of kindness-than 10 people I know all without anything but LOVE in her huge HEART!


 There was love all around but I never heard it singing no I never heard it at all…till there was You”



I am so positive that this taller but angelic tiny little girl was not at all lined up for this shot. I mean it was not a lingerie shoot day; if I remember correctly she had just arose for the morning —

before even coffee, espresso, or even a latte. Plus I remember that the fruit trays had not arrived yet…


 All I want to say about this particular shot is that the model  Lisa, and especially the photographer received awards as they well should have.

Sergio Rossi_Lisa Martinalgia





  This is one of those before and after shots — of course this one is the BEFORE SHOT with the sturdy bloak is running his machine…





Then of course below is the bottom or the AFTER SHOT — BUT MY OH MY SHE LOOKS OUT

for this day…







This lady below is of course on of my 10 faves!!  She is as sweet as a Scandinavian Strawberry can possibly get…















Bum Bum Brasil

I rather enjoy the reflective notion of a stroll down Memory Lane as it were, by laying out some photographs; sort of photo journalistically; however, as this site is for everyone, the photos I think could perhaps spark a memory on your Lane, and of course those that are vividly close to me. I feel compelled to just mention denim and lace; is there a better combination?There is a sort of real naivety within our youth. Innocent and pure, yet we seemingly know everything and getting bored thinking that there is “nothing to do…”

And then one procures a driver’s license! I will never, ever forget this statement: “What can I say—when you get your driver’s license—an entirely brand new world opens up…just waiting to be experienced and fondled out there…” To this day I will not forget the person who enlightened me that day. (Or the many other things we learned!)


 So very interesting that I ran into this particular group or assortment of photos insofar as they are of Brazilian ladies taken for the entire part in Brazil for a national

“Bum-Bum of Brazil” a contest seeking to measure the best of the best Bums in all of Brazil.


Therefore it’s not going to take any rocket science to sort this one out…except for who maybe won the contest,

or suffice it to say I got hooked into some playful little backsides and wanted to share them with you.


Especially this one here! I was simply amazed at how skinny this model’s waist actually is! Seriously, one could measure the girth, depth, breadth, and whatever else

it may be about this ladies bum, however, she is not excuse me, big assed, as one might perceive in American ethnic culture. (YES! We do have some samples of those to share with you as well.)   🙂


This little she-devil is one of my faves. All one needs to do is to look at her tiny hands and the only soleum oath would be yes these are

definitely “One hander ass cheeks!” Her standing position and hand placement tell me she’s sassy!


This lady is one of my favorites more so! Notice nothing is protruding and to get that shot, WOW! must have been a combination between a model’s strength

and a photographers…”Click”…Notice if possible that one can actually see the models aft leg (her left leg) almost at the same level as her fore leg (right leg).

Brittany Herrera

Another perfect (ppuurrffeecct) bum!


I believe I included this particular photo to illuminate just how prudish some American ladies are. This particular model who is competing in the same contest,

is all of about 15 years of age; however, in Brazil, especially Rio de Janerio it is a family honor to produce such an angel and as such the world should be blessed with her.

The One



Oh! It’s the Brazilian’s!! (more!)

tamiris-souza-freitas1aAs we mentioned when we first started are expose on models and ladies from around the world, we felt that it was extremely important to not only feature the models but also to feature the environment and cultures from where they came.


 Simpleminds believes that people are products of their environments and most people believe that the cultures they come from are unequivocally the best. It is ostensibly impossible to argue with any person about their culture—and equally as important–is why would anyone want too?

 Therefore when we first started our feature it was entitled “Where did they all come from?” based on an Eastern European article we read and subsequently started featuring models from the world over. Then we progressed into featuring the ladies by country; and that brings us to where we are today.

  Experts for years have equated extraordinary beauty with a person’s childhood experiences. In my travels I can attest to the fact that it seems far more apparent when visiting other nations that people just seem happier, healthier, kinder, and so much fuller of happiness to help out.   fabiana-s

Any person whose spent anytime abroad, meaning outside of America, can clearly attest to the fact that once having travelled and lived overseas, it’s when one comes back to America the first thing they-or-certainly I noticed was that people in the USA don’t smile nearly as much as their counterparts around the world. 

 carolina-bernardi_1Now I am sure there is a bias here but hey, what’s the big deal? I sure noticed this phenomenon after being outside the country for years. Perhaps the biggest thing I noticed was the general overall differences in children. 

It seems wherever I go, whether it is in a foreign ghetto area, or the top of Diplomat Row, the children have a completely different outlook on things. Now folks–of course I don’t mean just ‘things.’ I mean kids are kids and they are meant to be children.

 Rather than be in an environment of Hollyweird glitz and bling or seeing just about anyone with any athletic talent signing million dollar contracts for most of the children I’ve met abroad have little or no concern of these things what-so-ever!flavia-m2_1b


Therefore, I’ve often wondered, of course based on what experts allege and my own personal experience is this hypothetical: When kids are allowed to be kids, playing, laughing, being outdoors and happy do you think that this attitude somehow sustains within that person for life?


Having lived in Central and South America I sure can say, “YES!” without question, toss in a stick and a rock and you’ve got yourself a baseball game! Moreover, think of what the talent would be like to make the Brazilian National Soccer Team!!


fernanda-motta1_1 Here’s another little tidbit to contemplate on: Think of Fidel Castro: He attended Harvard University in Boston; when he completed his coursework he was picked up by the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team as a pitcher. During tryouts the final spot came down to Castro and another person. The other person was selected. The rest is…shall we say history!

 Just another small bit of trivia: Realizing the value and influence that Pele had on Brazil as a country, the Brazilian government had Pele declared a “Natural Resource” so he could not be traded or otherwise unless he had approval from the government!



Pure enjoyment time! As always special thanks to my friends and mentors at The Fashion Model Directory and B.W. Greyscale, and of course “As Never Seen on T.V.” your Models blogthese folks are the real deal!

[Drum roll please….] And now for you ensemble cast: At top is Tamaris Souza Frietas,  Flavia M.Fabiana S.,  Karoline Amaral,  Fernanda Motta, and  Caroline Bernardi.