Because it’s Summer!

Because it’s Summer


Therefore naturally we would like to start with out best.


Someone anyone please tell us her name, yep! Below

barbra palvin

The greatest of all time, or maybe it’s that I’ve had a gurl-crush on her since she graced our pages…

Britany Ward_medium_landscape

Always a classic! If there was a model I could introduce to anyone, it would probably be her!

and becomes the rose

Eww! I think she’s in Rio ∨⇓

anna chernova

A lady who takes care of and loves her body!

Inessa scen

Received this one of my friend “Penn” in an email I think she’s perfect

Penny ‏@PennyGaelira  Apr 30

I have been just too hesitant about posting this one primarily because she looks so young; but standing in with a fan up the booty and those boobs! Well…

girl and fan


valentina grishco

And her too!

Paige Hathaway2

Penny2 from Twiter

My friend “Penn”

victoria son

I think she has a double-jointed waist or hips; where is the water coming from?


Bum Bum Brasil

I rather enjoy the reflective notion of a stroll down Memory Lane as it were, by laying out some photographs; sort of photo journalistically; however, as this site is for everyone, the photos I think could perhaps spark a memory on your Lane, and of course those that are vividly close to me. I feel compelled to just mention denim and lace; is there a better combination?There is a sort of real naivety within our youth. Innocent and pure, yet we seemingly know everything and getting bored thinking that there is “nothing to do…”

And then one procures a driver’s license! I will never, ever forget this statement: “What can I say—when you get your driver’s license—an entirely brand new world opens up…just waiting to be experienced and fondled out there…” To this day I will not forget the person who enlightened me that day. (Or the many other things we learned!)


 So very interesting that I ran into this particular group or assortment of photos insofar as they are of Brazilian ladies taken for the entire part in Brazil for a national

“Bum-Bum of Brazil” a contest seeking to measure the best of the best Bums in all of Brazil.


Therefore it’s not going to take any rocket science to sort this one out…except for who maybe won the contest,

or suffice it to say I got hooked into some playful little backsides and wanted to share them with you.


Especially this one here! I was simply amazed at how skinny this model’s waist actually is! Seriously, one could measure the girth, depth, breadth, and whatever else

it may be about this ladies bum, however, she is not excuse me, big assed, as one might perceive in American ethnic culture. (YES! We do have some samples of those to share with you as well.)   🙂


This little she-devil is one of my faves. All one needs to do is to look at her tiny hands and the only soleum oath would be yes these are

definitely “One hander ass cheeks!” Her standing position and hand placement tell me she’s sassy!


This lady is one of my favorites more so! Notice nothing is protruding and to get that shot, WOW! must have been a combination between a model’s strength

and a photographers…”Click”…Notice if possible that one can actually see the models aft leg (her left leg) almost at the same level as her fore leg (right leg).

Brittany Herrera

Another perfect (ppuurrffeecct) bum!


I believe I included this particular photo to illuminate just how prudish some American ladies are. This particular model who is competing in the same contest,

is all of about 15 years of age; however, in Brazil, especially Rio de Janerio it is a family honor to produce such an angel and as such the world should be blessed with her.

The One



Just a bit for EVERYONE!

Milk buns

We don’t really know what it is about Barbara whose just below sporting what we believe is the newest line of fine lingerie from

who else but Victoria’s Secret

This is one of our longest known model friends. Isn’t she just well-proportioned to the inth degree? What definitely amazes

me about Alina is how in the universe did she get that great shadow between her lovely cheeks?

We just wonder around here if this gorgeous model  just hangs out like this? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful, classy, and fine?

I swear it is models like her that give inspiration to those who may find it a little cold on mornings for running!

The One_Vladmire C_Trump

As for me, the photograph just below is not only fashion, but makes a reliable account of our society as well. Having said that

there isn’t nor does it imply anything wrong with society. I love the picture inasmuch as what it says about eroticism,

nature, the feminine form, and her accessories — the Kuffs.

and becomes the rose

Yes indeed! This is one of the photos that we’ve featured here that is just below. I realize that there are a lot of times

that I use the expression, “…oh! Have a look at those ASS DIMPLES…! These are the dimples located about 2 inches below

the waistline, on the posterior aspect of the woman’s body. Ironically, not all women have them — perhaps the

same as all men aren’t hung like horses! No Ass Dimples have to do with the physical fitness and especially a woman’s posture.

Every now and then it seems that no one can get the job done quite the you do — enough said.

from carsten

I have met and worked with the lovely model below. As for me this is the quintessential shot! Notice her pleated skirt drapped just over 

the blue lace ruffled petticoat and up top all she is wearing is some kind of navy blue easy like T-shirt. But overall what 

does it for me in this photo are of course her shoes! Next only to her panties!


Just a bit of movement up top that I’ve tried to fit in somewhere. But below is one of the best, nicest, friendliest, common sense, and most 

sought after models I know. She is Alina and she is famous! She spends her winter’s in the Caribbean and at times the Figi Islands, then when the

swim suit season has really ended for models, it’s off to Paris, Lyon, and Milan for her salaciously seductive lingerie shoots intermixed with 

new fashioned entire swimlines.


This photo (below) is on this page because I love the model, her friendship is everything to me…she’s relatively new to the business and I feel as though

she has a future in this tough business. She looks as though she is wearing a pleated tunic from her early days at Parocical School — yet more importantly

look at her lines, she is exquisite!



Oh Those Brazilians! Just a cut above…

Brazil must be the place! Let’s see…if we were in Hawaii we’d say: Brazil is ‘da kine’ place! In Europe, Brazil is often referred to as ‘da bomb’ and allow me to say that the origin of such is a direct compliment to Brazilian women. Sort of like the country is exploding with bronze bombshells. And you know what? It is!!

Starting the clockwise direction from the top: Just up and to the left is Gabriela Rabelo who at a very young age signed with Penny Preville and some other big name glamour and beauty names…besides, she is about as perfect as anyone I’ve ever seen!

I think that Brazil is magical kind of like Disneyland is magical. I’d swear that some kind of genetic experimentation is going on there…but it’s not just looks that are so spectacular. From film to fashion, food, colorful clothing, with the spirit of love in the airBrazil is the place that renowned artists write and sing about. Have you ever noticed how happy the people are?

I can vividly recall being a little person with my parents at the movies and hearing, “Girl from Ipanema” playing in an endless loop. Somehow I never tired of the tune. And today…I still hear the same tune from the same artist just about weekly! Then again Barry Manilow made a career and a fortune singing about at the “Copa.” Even Duran-Duran did some marvelous tributes to Rio and all of Brazil.

And of course to the immediate right is the one the only Leticia Burkheuer who is and has been one of Brazil’s more successful models. Leticia for me is real cutting edge…I mean if it’s a hair cut, denim endorsement, or lingerie—Leticia takes modeling just one step further up.

Anyone catch the film, Turista’s last year? Well it was just one of those ‘screamer’ films made much in the same genre as Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, or anyone of the hundreds of ‘slasher’ films made annually in the industry.

I featured it about a year ago here on Simpleminds and even offered an I.D. challenge for the mystery girl in the cast. All up the film was okay; however, the cast and location shots were outright amazing. We’re talking under water caves, beaches, and jungle. The film did have enough powerful dialog in it to make me look up several statistics regarding such a gorgeous country.

Brazil continues to pursue industrial and agricultural growth and development of its interior. Exploiting vast natural resources and a large labor pool, it is today South America’s leading economic power and a regional leader.

As most know I believe one of the greatest qualities a model can have is known as versatility. I have featured several models intermittently on this site who for some reason have the ability to look Asian, African, Caucasian, or Latin while at the same time being blonde, brunette, big, small, athletic, and Divine.

 Opposite and to the right is the sensational Ana Gequelinana-gequelin2seriously, it would not be a stretch to feature an entire week’s worth of material simply on the salacious Ms. Gequelin. 

Many, many Brazilian models are able to fit this versatility virtue to perfection. I mean these are the kind of professionals that one may compare in two separate photographs and say, “No way!!” That can’t possibly be so-and-so; or ‘you’re kidding me!’ I didn’t know that was her!

Certainly one of the most successful models to come from Brazil personifies the versatility virtue. Ana Beatriz Barros is just one of the more gifted ladies of having this talent. Did you know that there are actually experts that all they do is cover Ms. A.B.B? I know a couple of them and they even have a difficult time.





 With special thanks to our fabulous and diverse models from Brazil: Gabriela Rabelo, Leticia Burkheuer, Ana Gequelin, the one and only Ana Beatriz Barros, and the Amazing, Amanda Irby.