Who Needs a Reason?

Who Needs a Reason?


I learned this indelible expression of “Who Needs a Reason,” some time ago when I received a gift of gorgeous flowers from a wonderful friend. So I asked him why, and he very comfortably said, Who needs a reason when it comes to doing nice things.


I believe those who are truly comfortable with their assets are not afraid to show or even tantalize with them.


This is, of course, one of those photos that one simply must adore. This lady from eyes to fingernails to ass dimples really has this pose to a “T.”


This is quite the quintessential art direction. What do you think?


Yes indeed this model has been featured on this site in the past. I never thought a one time shot would ever come to define a person’s career. Yet there are those days when someone sees the ppuurrffeecctt you.


Of all the people that I, in particular, sought some much more from really has turned out to be quite a last action hero. Being all nice and cordial I actually loved her in The Bling Ring and especially Perks of Being a Wallflower; however, this sordid lot from the U.N. has missed on all fronts and I think that is because she’s just not believable! Oh yes, Chanel dress, and Chanel panties, she also wore Chanel pumps.


This lady is the newest queen of my heart! Her name is Rachel C.  and one can find her repped by l.a.  models, however, she is actually from the Seattle area. Rachel befriended me over at Twitter and she is quite the lady – through and thru. I went so far as to contact the folks at Victoria’s Secret to grace our eyes with her presence.


This model below is perhaps the best national resource secret from Brazil, but all things being equal she’s actually Italian.


And once again, by special demand another soon to be “Super” she is my friend Penny who also befriended me over at Twitter.


Could anyone ask for better-looking friends?



 “Then there was Music and Wonderful roses… they tell me



in sweet fragrant meadows of dawn..and you...

floral arrangement

This can only be a short tribute to a woman with the deepest of hearts. She does more of those simple-acts-of kindness-than 10 people I know all without anything but LOVE in her huge HEART!


 There was love all around but I never heard it singing no I never heard it at all…till there was You”



I am so positive that this taller but angelic tiny little girl was not at all lined up for this shot. I mean it was not a lingerie shoot day; if I remember correctly she had just arose for the morning —

before even coffee, espresso, or even a latte. Plus I remember that the fruit trays had not arrived yet…


 All I want to say about this particular shot is that the model  Lisa, and especially the photographer received awards as they well should have.

Sergio Rossi_Lisa Martinalgia





  This is one of those before and after shots — of course this one is the BEFORE SHOT with the sturdy bloak is running his machine…





Then of course below is the bottom or the AFTER SHOT — BUT MY OH MY SHE LOOKS OUT

for this day…







This lady below is of course on of my 10 faves!!  She is as sweet as a Scandinavian Strawberry can possibly get…















Models as actors, creative directors, freely exploring adventure…

Hello Everyone! Well February our infamous Cupid and Valentine’s day is just about coming to an end. What a delightful month it has been! As for me I went out internet adventuring and came across some newer sites that proved to amaze me even more…

There are a lot of scholars and experts who well believe that during the Colonial Era who believed that the humongous line written “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is actually referring to “the pursuit of happiness” as meaning and able to explore and create. Makes sense to me when one thinks about it — to live, freely, and explore, adventure, and create; I love it. So this issue of our professional manniquens we are going to be just a bit more daring — with what we believe are “everyday and quite normal” photographs.

gently now..

To this day the stunning model just below is fastly growing into a Canadian Legacy; her merits are so vast – made it to The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on her first “I’m available.”
We’re just going to refer to her as Zoe. However, with so many Canadian women just rockin’ the world of fashion, we have been dedicated to Zoe following her career.


And down below this extremely friendly model (a friend) looks so delightful as she scoops her finger into the
creamy nector with just enough to cross her tongue…

she's got a way to move me

For this particular model I was, and quite openly, am still breathless! This is one of those shots where everything came together at once perfectly.


The One


Fabienne: “Are you going to give me oral pleasure now?”  (from Pulp Fiction)

xlnt shot

The model up above is really listening to the creative director and photographer!

Naughty or nice

This is a perfect example of “showing the love” although not is all that appears in this photo…anyone see the man’s thumb?




Czech your eyes!

veronika_luzarova11Seems like forever ago we who visit, relax, chill, and stare at the glorious wonders of what God created, those of course, being the ladies of the world. All too often we’ll look at a model, or some trendy uptown chic lady, or just in their birthday suits, women who are so awe aspiring that at times, it takes my breath away.

Anyone who visits Simpleminds to any degree of regularity knows that about a year ago we started on a daniela_pestova1series featuring ladies from around the world. This premise was spawned by yours truly, moi, based on an article I’d read where these two guys were at an airport in London and they were just spell-bound by the beauty of the ladies he saw. In what must have been a real gasping for air moment, huffing and puffing this one guy says to the other, “Where did all of these gorgeous ladies come from?”

Anyway the article I read went on to describe the ladies and for some reason or another, the gasper thought someone—almost like a conspiracy—had intentionally held these ladies somewhere and only let them leak out every so often. “Where did the ALL come from..?”

This of course inspired me to begin the series that featured ladies from various countries including: Bulgaria, Britain, Brazil, Argentina, Argentina II, Canada, Israel, Romania, Australia (x2), with interim dashes of “Specials” that included any one of several schemes like all black and white, strictly beach themes, ladies of the runway, and on and on.


12441veronikakovarikova25So where we ended up regarding the counties was in Brazil in which we did no less that 7 or 8 expose featuring some of the most beautiful felines on the planet earth. I did however make a comment that most nations would take perhaps two or three good postings to at least cover the

Basics or what we call the Bigs!   Moreover, we did write that between Brazil and Czechoslovakia one could literally spend an entire year on either of those two nations who have given us so many ladies.

Therefore, for the next few postings we are going to do our level best featuring ladies from Czechoslovakia!! We think you’ll be surprised insofar as just how many of these ‘goddesses’ are household names. Czechoslovakia has produced top rated models for what seems like ever; that nation has also produced some of the greatest female athletes as well as actresses.sarka_11

So kick it! Just enjoy the pics of God’s work! Again, as always, our extreme gratitude to our friends at The Fashion Model Directory for their ‘largest model database on Earth.

Furthermore, to Veronika, Daniela, Karolina, and Sarka for our first effort in to the land of CZECH!



Summer 08′ III

I’m trying to see if this will work so please bear with us. Thank you.

Actually what I did was create a slide show of various images–that we know you’ll love–however, WordPress, as great as they are will not allow shockwave or any semblance of java to be used. This is one of those issues that I completely understand and for all I know, it could just be me! 

But in very typical fashion I will put a link to the “Slide” presentation and if you’d like you can click on the link and have a look just for you. Anyway, the account I set up at “Slide” is basically a ‘dummy’ account meaning there isn’t any information there except some name I dreamt up whilst in a panic!

It still is in a pretty crude style right now, but seriously, how could anyone go wrong with such beautiful ladies?

No matter how many times I post here I just love doing it! As you probably can already tell (hopefully) I’ve been very, very busy of late and subsequently, all of my blogs have been suffering. But the moment I get time, it’s amazing, because I come here automatically.



Some of these images are very, very sensual; other images make me want to dream with just a bit of fantasy. Like Ivona up to the right, just chillin’ in the hammock; but damn! Doesn’t her tush just look awesome and sexy?

Also these following two images are so, so sensual. This first one is of Alizee, right below eating the rice, and the second below is of Kamil. Hope you enjoy this collection of images.

Also if you’d like to see the slide show I mentioned previously just click HERE.