Just in Time!

I make no qualms about it.  I look forward to coming to this site because I know that only like minds are ever going to look at it.  Therefore, all I need to do is just put up things that I enjoy the most.  

In fact, several of my friends and I are looking to find out who this 1800th century [looking] model is or what agency she is with.

Just for starters, The Evening Standard is a British newspaper, so is she British?  Further, the lady who designs this fabulous lingerie I believe is in England and the company is in England, however, and as sticky as it may be…I believe it is headquartered in Conneticut, USA.  That is the first part of the research and still we haven’t found the answers.  So don’t just sit there…H-E-L-P!! 

2 responses to “Just in Time!

  1. Hey “Me”

    Although you found it…it is always a great practice to tell, or shout out where you found it!

    If you only knew what I had to do to get verification on Sophia!


    The Management 😉

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