Something wonderful!

akemi k_major_readyIt wasn’t until I became involved with fashion — fashion models in particular — that I realized that a lot of and I want to espouse that the majority of the Top 50 fashion models to whatever degree have some Asian in their ethnic make-up. 

Interestingly for me personally is that this fact leaped into my consciousness when I started covering Russian models! It’s like ‘Go figure, right?’

Yet knowing of the Asian component, moreover, the expanse of Russian ‘Sovietism’ I started looking a top fashion models in a completely different way. The days of measurements, height, weight, and style appeal were gone; yet the days of bone structure, entire facial composition, as well as limbs in relation to the human form altogether had only just begun.  


And here is a real gift — skin and a sense of embracing beautiful. Over a period of time I began to realize that just about everyone I looked at was part Asian! Now then…the degree or percentage make-up to me is of very little concern if at all. In fact, there are a lot of folks who believe that half caucasian and have Asian children (‘Hoppa’) are the most well suited combination of humankind. As for me, that is a matter in which I have no mastery or level of competence whatsoever. Seriously say we take a lovely lady from the Dominican Republic and she marries a man who is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 European. Furthermore, I am convinced that the reasons that Brazil and Russia have so many beautiful women is in the notion that both ethnic groups and Asians have had a wonderful history of surviving at the most difficult times — together.  

Mick s2_1As for me it wasn’t until I was in the position to start identifying models in various campaigns and advertorials that I started noting this one or that one had Asian features. Think of it kind of like this: Why does everyone’s jaw drop when they see Kristen Kreuk? How about Lucy Liu?

Sometimes, actually most of the time that we see these stunning people we know, yet, we just don’t acknowledge or understand what makes them so spectacular. When I look at Jessica Alba, or Joy Nakayama, or Anna Watanabe I am immediately reminded how talented and fabulously looking these ladies are.

Then again in every aspect that life deals us, there will always be a standout person of Asian descent; sports — figure skating, diving, sumo wrestling, golf (of course we haven’t forgotten about Tiger Woods!) tennis, and especially medicine. Please understand that this is not a posting for ‘our favorite Asian’ award; it is a posting to say, “Hey! Look at the beauty and talent of these folks!”akemi katsuki.2jpg_ready


Right then…this week we’ve looked at some people who have Asian to whatever degree or percentage one of these models may have shared with another nationality or ethnic group.

Our next post is going to focus only on the ‘pure-breds’ albeit Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Yet if only for a moment we would like to say something about Devon Aoki who is pictured in the lower right. Devon is a major model success and moreover she is also quite the box office sensation as well. She’s not only been in, but starred in all of the ‘Sin City’s’ and numerous others as well as commercials.


devon a

And just as always we’d like to thank each of our models here: Akemi, Olga, Devon, Jarah, Stephanie, and Mick. But most of all we’d like to thank and give a huge ‘shout out!’ to The Fashion Model Directory and the fine crew they have maintaining their site.

It is one of those sites that changes almost every time one goes there.




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